What is a Sales Playbook?

Two Types of Sales Playbooks

When you're looking for a sales playbook, you typically want:

     1. Some generic exercises, templates, theories, and methodologies you can apply to your business, OR

     2. Something special that outlines what YOU sell, who YOU sell to, and how YOU sell because you need it to work for YOU. 

Sales Result partners with companies like yours to intimately understand your products, your customers, and your market so that we can build a sales playbook that allows new hires to start selling effectively in their first few weeks. A sales playbook is a collection of sales tools; some are sales training materials, some are quick-reference guides, and others are for time or account management. To give you a flavor of some of the keywords in our sales playbook, look through the word cloud below. 


While there may be a lot of components, a great sales playbook does a lot more than onboard new hires, a great sales playbook helps current salespeople see the value of the product in a new way, ensure they are better able to articulate that value, and that they understand the persona of who they are articulating it to. Sales playbooks contribute to better win rates and faster onboarding; that's probably what you were looking for when you found this page. That's true, but the lesser known benefits of a playbook include:

  • Ensure the entire team is articulating a unified, solid value proposition and response to common objections
  • Sales people feel especially valued when given useful training that helps them grow, and hit their numbers
  • Inspire confidence, passion, and dedication to the company. Happy people sell better. 

As you compare and contrast the different kinds of sales playbooks, I encourage you to think about the specific content you want your sales people focusing on - after all any training provided takes time away from customers and new revenue.

  • Do you want them to hear a concept, or do you want them to memorize scripts and messaging relevant to them?
  • Do you want them to study what "many" prospects do, or do you want them to think about THEIR prospects in a new way. Food for thought. 
Fair warning, in-depth and tailored playbooks do take more work than cookie-cutter books you can buy off of amazon. 
  • Will it take time, thought, and intention to create a tailored sales playbook? YES. You get out what you put in. 
  • For that effort, will you achieve the results you're looking for? YES. We guarantee it. 

This is how we believe every sales consulting firm should approach client relationships, but sadly, many take some broad concepts and try to make something fit rather than fit something for you.

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What to Look For in a Sales Playbook

Generic Resource vs. Sales Playbook


Customized to Your Business

Most of us can't buy a suit off the rack, and when we do, it really doesn't fit right - the same goes for sales playbooks. Many companies have some great concepts, but they are typically universal, and not much good after the initial rollout. Our clients understand that if a salesperson is going to open this book more than once, it needs to provide concrete value, have an update process defined, and continue to provide value.

Detailed Discovery

If Sales Result doesn't understand your prospects, your products, your value, and your competitors, how would we be able to provide a valuable sales playbook? We couldn't. We pride ourselves on becoming near-product experts in our first 30-45 days in working with you on a sales playbook because of our deep discovery process. During the discovery phase, we meet with leadership, sales people, product experts, marketing, anybody who will talk to us to gain a 360 view of how the product fits into the marketplace. Without this critical process, we wouldn't be able to deliver the powerful sales playbooks that we do. 

Proven Process

Sales Result has completed 300+ successful client engagements and streamlined a process proven time after time to deliver powerful sales playbooks. We prioritize deeply understanding our clients needs, identifying an action plan, and working diligently across the organization to ensure success. We not only train on our sales playbooks, we quiz, test, and role-play the exact content we expect sales people to use in the field to certify comprehension and aptitude. 

Who Needs a Sales Playbook?

That Depends... Do You Have Sales People?

You never would have found this page, or read this far down, if you didn't think there was some value to a sales playbook. Our clients typically don't have the time to build one, don't have the expertise to do it, or tried to build a sales playbook and it's not working. One of the big reasons clients hire Sales Result to build thier sales playbooks, other than the fact that we've done more than 100 custom ones, is that sales people are not cheap.

  • How long can you afford to let new hires "figure it out" on their own?
  • How many deals have you lost because your rep was selling a premium product at such a discount that it just confused the prospect?
  • How many prospects will you never find because your sales people don't now how to blueprint in your industry?

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that salespeople crave training, they want to get better, and more-often-than-not get paid based on their results; why not set them up for success? If you don't set your salespeople up for success with the right sales playbook and training, another company just might. 



C-level executives call sales result when they know they have a good product, but the competition is killing them. Sales is surprised, forecasts are missed, and they wonder "what is going on here?"

Sales Leader

Sales Leaders call sales result because they are closing deals, and don't have months of time to dedicate to training - if they step out of the sales process, quotas get missed and jobs are on the line. 

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