Scalable. Measurable. Repeatable. Sustainable.

This is how every sales leader wants to describe their sales organization. Winning Sales Foundation™ lays the framework for a strong sales organization that can be desribed in this way, allowing sales management to reach their financial and strategic sales goals.

This comprehensive solution is designed for scaling an existing sales team, building a new team, or launching a new product or initiative. It begins with deep discovery and a customized project roadmap of priorities and goals. Based on this, sales enablement tools and processes are developed, with ongoing one-on-one executive leadership coaching and expert operational support running concurrently. The final step is sales training and implementation, to ensure buy-in throughout the sales organization for lasting success.

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Sales Results

Five components are at the core of the Winning Sales Foundation: strategy, tactics, process, tools and execution.

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What’s Included in the Winning Sales Foundation:

Executive Sales Discovery
Executive Sales Discovery
Paint the Picture Sales Playbook
Winning Sales Process
Winning Sales Process
Sales Operations
Sales Operations
Sales Leadership Playbook
Sales Leadership Playbook

Do I Need Winning Sales Foundation?

  • Is your sales organization struggling?
  • Are you unable to make your sales goals?
  • Do you have a new product or initiative ready to launch, but no internal framework to support it?
  • Are you aware of issues within your sales organization but unsure what they are or how to fix them?
  • Are your sales reps unmotivated or adverse to change? Conversely, does your team have high potential but lack the resources needed to succeed?

If any of these questions sound familiar,  Winning Sales Foundation can help getting you fast-tracked for sales success. 
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