Tailored Sales Training Framework, Structure & Messaging

We go far beyond traditional sales training, delivering a framework for rapid sales growth starting on day one.
We don't just teach handling objections, we provide powerful responses to YOUR objections, and role play them until each rep is proficient. 
This is not a subtle difference, our framework addresses sales needs, but also messaging, process, tools and systems, coaching, organization structure, and every other component that impacts each rep's success in achieving the organization's goals.

Our RESULT framework addresses the needs of each unique sales organization, tailoring every solution framework to your culture, your clients, your way™. SRi training covers sales training built for your systems, messages, and prospects, then we role-play and conduct certification testing. Once certified, reps bring their new skills ot the market, allowing SRi and leadership to track success and continue to tweak the sales system for ongoing results. 

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Research & Background

Unlike many sales training options on the Market, Sales Result conducts a thorough audit to understand your product, market, industry, trends, goals and objectives. We deliver the training you need, not a canned presentation we use for everybody. 

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Enablement & Environment

Sales training can only solve so many issues, successful sales organizations also invest in sales tools, messaging, sales processes, and anything else their sales team needs to be efficient and optimally effective. SRi identifies these gaps, and works with you to implement solutions that work for your organization. 

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Structure & Strategy

Leveraging the right structure is critical for executives and reps to fully understand their business. Optimizing the CRM system to capture the right information in a workflow that benefits the sales team’s conversations is a key step in reporting and dashboards that empower organizational understanding and forecasting capability. 

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Unveiling the Sales System

Training just tells reps what to do; SRi unveils a new selling system tailored to the individual company. This includes training, messaging, system improvements, sales tools, clear processes, visibility enhancements, and more to get sales teams excited about the future of their role and the success they can expect to have.  

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Learning Modules

Once the team is excited about what is to come and begin to work through the new materials with an SRi expert or a Train-the-Trainer certified employee, learning modules ensure through tests, quizzes, role-play, and certification that the new material is sticking, and the reps can use it effectively to achieve company goals. 

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Test & Tweak

Once reps are certified on the new material, we continuously monitor performance and capture what’s working, where additional training is needed, and additional best practices that come directly from customers in the field. 


We Never Let a Client Down

You have our word. We guarantee you'll see results after working with us both immediately and in the long run. Your dream is our dream, and we're not happy until you're happy.

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