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Sales Rep Coaching

Peak rep performance with expert sales coaching

Just as a great stock can pay dividends for years, an investment in sales reps can boost productivity, both immediately and for the rest of their careers. If you have green sales reps in need of coaching, or high-potential reps struggling to make the numbers, individualized sales coaching can help them realize their full potential.

Our Sales Rep Coaching solution will have your Inside Sales or Direct Sales person delivering and sustaining improved results in just 90 days. We start our sales coaching programs with a comprehensive assessment of the individual which includes shadowing sales interactions, role playing, and reviewing their sales funnel. Once we’ve audited existing skills and performance to identify short- and long-term fixes, a customized training plan is developed and implemented via regular coaching sessions, with progress reports provided to the rep’s manager.

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Is Sales Rep Coaching Right for You?

Does one of your reps have great potential but fails to make their numbers? Are they frequently on the cusp of closing a deal, only to let it slip away? How about a feast-or-famine problem where they close their whole funnel, only to hit a slump while they prospect a new funnel. 

Instead of undertaking costly turnover due to a dissatisfied or underperforming salesperson, consider Sales Rep Coaching to turn your struggling rep into a great company asset. This solution pairs well with our sales playbooks, and often adds positivity and success to the sales culture. 

What’s Included

  • Individual sales rep assessment
  • Individual coaching and training plan
  • Time-management and organizational skills
  • Account and territory planning training
  • Phone and email training and scripts
  • Presentation skills
  • Qualifying the opportunity
  • Progress reports

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