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Develop your winning sales pitch and close more deals

Can each of your sales people deliver a convincing value proposition in under half a minute? Is your team consistent and effective in their sales approach — both individually and as a group? Staying disciplined and on-message are essential for sales success. They ensure that your sales team is following the same sales process, approaches prospects at the right time in their purchase cycle, and most importantly, motivates people to buy.

A Paint-the-Picture sales playbook unifies your sales strategy, process, and messaging. It clearly and poignantly defines what you sell and who you sell to with 15-20 customized sales tools and templates. Combined with a training program and certification program, our sales playbooks are guaranteed to transform sales reps into selling powerhouses, and to give new hires the tools they need to ramp up fast and start selling. It is customized to Inside Sales, Direct Sales, or both, depending on the client.   

Sales Results

Is a Paint-the-Picture Playbook Right for you?

  • Are you experiencing low close rates or unable to grow new business?
  • Do your sales representatives lack a full understanding of your product and company value?
  • Are you managing a sales team inconsistent in their efforts?
  • Do you know your team can perform better, but are unsure how to harness that potential?

If any of these questions keep you up at night, consider a Paint-the-Picture sales playbook. Through discovery and collaborative workshops, SRi will create a playbook tailored to you, and train your team on new processes, strategies and messaging that actually works.

What's Included:

  • Improved articulation of value propositions, elevator pitches, references, and stories
  • Full understanding of prospect and their motivators and buying process 
  • Go-to-Market and competitive strategies
  • Unified sales messaging and strategy
  • Improved objection handling and responses
  • Better account planning and lead qualifiying 
  • Consistent efforts on behalf of sales reps
  • Increased close rates and new business
  • Quicker ramp up of new hires 

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