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Operational expertise from an experienced sales consultancy

Every decision made by business leadership has a major impact on your whole organization—especially on the bottom line. The Sales Operations Team should act as the eyes and ears for sales leadership, and the best friend of any good Sales VP. Without Sales Operations, initiatives are launched into the dark, campaigns aren’t properly tracked, CRM reporting is futile and the results can be very costly and detrimental to your business.

SRi provides operational support with our Sales Operations solution, ensuring strategic execution of sales plans, accurate mapping of territories, hiring best practices, transparent sales funnels, training initiatives for new and existing reps, and more, to keep your sales and marketing teams rowing in the right direction.

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Is Sales Operations right for you?

  • Are you lacking a Sales Operations team and are you looking for best practices in this area?
  • Are there certain functions within Sales Operations that you haven’t yet identified?
  • Do you spend time building reports or analyzing based on bad data?

A streamlined sales infrastructure requires backing from a strong Sales Operations team. SRi can provide operational recommendations and support to build and strengthen your Sales Operations, and enable your sales team with the tools, technology and training necessary for maximum efficiency.

What's Included:

  • Hiring support and new-hire onboarding
  • CRM recommendations and support 
  • Sales coverage model and territory planning
  • Lead generation and funnel management
  • Sales compensation plans

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