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Sales Management Playbook

Training sales managers to increase confidence and effectiveness

Sales managers often become managers because they were excellent sales reps, but who trains the sales manager? That's where SRi comes in. We find that sales managers struggle if they haven't received adequate sales manager training to make the shift from closing deals to leading their team. The support from a seasoned sales trainer and coach can make an incredible difference in transforming sales leaders, and in turn, their teams.

The Sales Leadership Playbook begins with a 360-degree review and assessment of the sales manager, followed by a customized action plan. Following this action plan, an SRi expert will train, coach, and mentor the manager using a Sales Leadership Playbook in a series of one-on-one sessions. Each session will focus on a specified topic in the sales leadership playbook, which includes real-life scenarios and homework, to get you leading a team with confidence within 90 days. 

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Is Sales Leadership Playbook Right for You?

  • Are you a sales leader looking to elevate your managerial skill set?
  • Are you a seasoned sales leader, but never received structured training?
  • Are you a newer sales leader wanting to make a big impact?

If these questions sound like you or someone on your sales management team, Sales Leadership Playbook could be the solution. SRi Sales Leadership Playbooks are always customized and never canned - we don't just go through a pre-packaged book. Our sales leadership training is tailored to the individual, their needs, and their goals. Our intention is always to provide both immediate and lasting impact.

What’s Included

  • Individual trainee assessment
  • Individual trainee action plan
  • Customized sales leadership playbook of 20+ topics:
    • Best practices
    • Sales leadership
    • Sales strategy
    • Sales people
    • Sales operations
    • Sales process
  • Weekly or bi-weekly hour-long sessions with a sales coach


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