Executive Sales Discovery

A customized action plan for improving your sales organization.

A sales team can’t be transformed with a generic, templated program. because sales organizations are complex, consisting of many people, processes and operations. An honest, inward look at how they work together and influence one another is the first step in taking action and implementing lasting change.

An Executive Sales Discovery is a rigorous sales audit of the revenue and profit arm of an organization. Through thorough interviews and extensive research, Sales Result examines every detail to uncover hidden obstacles that are blocking revenue goals, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team, extract key insights about opportunities for improvement and growth, and develop a customized  plan for optimizing performance. The results are delivered in an extensive report.

If you're ready to start down the path of real change, validate your assumptions, and receive 3rd party insights into best practices for your organization, this is the sales audit for you. SRi has delivered executive sales discoveries to clients thinking about expanding into new markets, changing their internal structure, validating resource investments, and much more. 

Not sure if Executive Sales Discovery is right for you? Evaluate the health of your sales organization with our Sales Organization Assessment.

Sales Result Inc

Is an Executive Sales Discovery right for you?

Has your sales organization plateaued, but you can’t put your finger on why? Do you recognize underlying issues with your sales team, but are unsure how to resolve them? Are you launching a new initiative or expanding an existing product line, but want to ensure you have the proper framework before you proceed?

Our onsite discovery solution responds to these types of questions. By taking a deep dive into every aspect of your sales organization and your marketplace, SRi provides a fresh perspective and customized action plan that, when followed correctly, will lead to real results.

What's Included:

  • Discovery
    • Onsite discovery of corporate sales alignment
    • Evaluation of organization and marketplace
    • Evaluation of sales strategy and execution
    • Sales team and leadership assessment
    • Interviews with leadership, sales staff and clients
    • CRM audit and funnel analysis
  • Output
    • Organization-wide gap analysis
    • Identification of hidden revenue blockers
    • Top 10 lists of recommendations and priorities
    • SWOT analyses
    • Custom action plan and strategy for success

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