What is Sales Consulting?

Two Types of Sales Consulting

When a company goes down the path of hiring a sales consultant, they typically fall into one of two categories: I have a problem and don't know how to solve it, or I know how to solve my problem but don't have the time to dedicate to this initiative. Then occasionally, it's both. 

In any case, Sales Result partners with companies like yours to provide the expertise and supplemental resources in a Your Clients, Your Culture, Your Way™ approach. This means that we don't just provide some pretty templates, we dig in and become a part of your culture and team until we understand the players and market on a personal level, and we reach success together. 

  • Will you always love what we have to say? NO. Change is hard. 
  • Will you achieve the results you're looking for? YES. We guarantee it. 

This is how we believe every sales consulting firm should approach client relationships, but sadly, many take a cookie cutter approach to apply the same solution to every client they see. 

What to Look For in Sales Consulting

It's Not All the Same


Customized to Your Business

Most of us can't buy a suit off the rack, and when we do, it really doesn't fit right - the same goes for sales consulting. Many companies have a secret sauce for one thing or another, or helpful tips and tricks that can be universal, but do you want universal? Our clients understand the value of solutions tailored to their markets, their team's needs, their specific goals, and even the technology stack in which they run their business. 

Detailed Discovery

Sales Result prides ourselves on uncovering Hidden Revenue Blockers during the discovery phase. When clients call us, they may know about three to six major areas of focus, but Sales Result digs deeper, often uncovering 10-15 key areas for improvement or optimization. When evaluating sales consultants, be sure to ask questions about how they conduct their discovery, what the deliverables are, and what they often find with clients like you.

Proven Process

Sales Result has completed 300+ successful client engagements and streamlined a process proven time after time. We prioritize deeply understanding our clients needs, laying out a plan of action, and working side by side from the C-Suite to entry level reps to ensure success. Whatever needs attention in your sales organization, we will tackle it with you.

Who Needs Sales Consulting?

Nobody... if you're happy with the status quo

You never would have found this page, or read this far down, if you thought you had all the answers and all the time to implement them. Sales consulting has been gaining momentum over the last decade as a critical tune-up for sales teams and leaders as they tackle larger and growing challenges. 

We have had clients contact us in HR looking for sales training, new owners who recently purchased a stagnant business; but the majority of our first calls come from CEOs flying blind without sales data and sales leaders who need more structure, tools, or training. 

Why should you work with a sales consultant?


Resources for You

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