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Boost sales with a high-performance sales team

Our dedicated Inside Sales Power solution focuses on creating a strong Inside Sales Team for your organization. By working side-by-side with Sales Result, the effectiveness and performance of your Inside Sales team and Inside Sales management will be assessed and improved for measurable, repeatable, scalable results. 

Inside Sales Power lays the framework for a strong Inside Sales organization, allowing for achievement of financial and strategic sales goals. This comprehensive solution is designed for scaling an existing Inside Sales team, building a new Inside Sales team, or launching a new product or initiative.

We begin with deep discovery and a customized project roadmap of priorities and goals. Based on this, sales enablement tools and processes are developed, with ongoing one-on-one executive leadership coaching and expert operational support running concurrently. The final step is Inside Sales training and full implementation, to ensure lasting success once we've left the building.

Sales Results

Five components are at the core of Inside Sales Power: strategy, tactics, process, tools and execution.

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What’s Included in Inside Sales Power:

Executive Sales Discovery
Executive Sales Discovery
Paint The Picture
Winning Sales Process
Sales Operations
Sales Leadership Playbook
Sales Leadership Playbook

Do I Need Inside Sales Power?

  • Do you need to build an Inside Sales team?
  • Have you hired an Inside Sales team that requires training and direction?
  • Do you need to quickly improve the performance and effectiveness of your Inside Sales team?
  • Does your Inside Sales team proactively execute outbound campaigns that consistently yield the results you need?
If any of these questions sound familiar,  Inside Sales Power can help getting you fast-tracked for Inside Sales success. 
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