What is Inside Sales Consulting?

Inside Sales Strategy 

Inside sales consulting is a niche within the broader realm of sales consulting that focuses specifically on the specific challenges faced by inside sales teams and managers. Sales Result focuses on all aspects of inside sales including training, process, systems, tools, motivation, gamification, hiring and retention. Each of these tactics must fit into a larger inside sales strategy that drives your organization to grow toward its goals. 

What to Look For With Inside Sales Consulting

Not All Inside Sales Teams Are The Same


Customized to Your Business

Inside sales strategies and roles today can vary immensely. Your inside sales team may be mostly qualifying inbound leads for a sales team, they could be taking the leads full cycle, or they may be mostly outbound focused. Each of these requires a different inside sales strategy, process, set of tools, and more. Make sure that when you explore your inside sales consulting options, the firm has worked with your model before successfully. 

Detailed Discovery

Just because you're hiring an inside sales consulting firm to help with inside sales strategy, doesn't mean that's the only team your consultant should be talking to. Inside sales plays a critical role between marketing and other areas of the organization such as sales, account managers, product, and others. Sales Result interviews a wide range of titles and departments to get a 360 view of how to optimize your inside sales strategy. 

Proven Process

SRi has created and hired new inside sales teams, optimized and fixed existing inside sales teams, and in every case our inside sales strategy has paid dividends for our clients. Our deep discovery process followed by close alignment with leadership and deep understanding of rep capabilities allows us to offer recommendations that we guarantee to work for your culture, your clients, your way™.

Who Needs Inside Sales Consulting?


The sales team complains they don't have enough leads, the marketing team says they're providing tons of leads, and Inside Sales is caught in the middle. Who's right, and how do you fix it?

Sales Leader

Whether your inside sales team are closers or prospectors, do you have enough visibility into their process, activity, and skill level? What if you could, while bolstering confidence and results?

Resources for You

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