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Eric Morse - Founder & CEO

Eric’s professional passion in life is sales, and he considers it to be among the most important professions. Sales provides the opportunity to help others improve, grow and change, and he believes great salespeople truly are "change agents”. But reaching this rank is no easy feat – Eric learned as a young salesperson that to be among the greats, you must always add value, follow process, and use metrics, all of which are paramount to his success today, and to that of his clients.   

Eric founded SRi in 2003 to fulfill his passion for helping businesses succeed through scaling, growing, and defeating their competition, which he believes can be accomplished by building, fixing, optimizing and growing multi-channel sales teams with a tailored Your Culture, Your Clients, Your Way™ approach. He cares deeply about each SRi client, and is committed to never letting them down.  

He loves giving back to the community, and supports two great local organizations: The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer and Youth Force, a Boys & Girls Club organization in King County. On the home front, Eric is a self-described “family guy” living in beautiful Sammamish, Washington. He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, cooking, traveling and experiencing other cultures, and off-roading in his Jeep.

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Join Eric for a Webinar on August 2nd, 2018

Event Overview 

With Labor Day around the corner, just five months stand between now and hitting your 2018 sales targets. For most salespeople, that means a couple of large deals need to close before the end of the year, and it’s likely that some of these already live in your funnel. Join us for a 1-hour webinar to learn strategies for moving your mid-sale opportunities to close so you and your team can reach this year’s goals.

What You Will Take Away

  • Simple methodologies for opportunity qualification and close planning
  • Mapping the sales process to the B2B buyer’s journey, and knowing where you stand
  • Defining and identifying “stuck deals”, and how to move them ahead
  • Ways to prioritize opportunities and refocus sales rep’s efforts

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