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By Eric Morse December 16, 2015

Why The Question Is More Important Than The Answer

There's a common analogy that "The journey is more important than the destination", the concept being that embarking on a journey and the experiences along the way are more important than reaching a final resting place. Such experiences shape human beings and allow us to understand and interpret our world.

This concept applies to critical thinking; surely you've heard the phrase "The question is more important than the answer." The question is the journey, the answer is the destination. Today's blog will delve into the importance of asking the right questions when it comes to sales discoveries.

The SRi Approach to Discoveries

Sales discoveries are a critical starting point to any consulting project at SRi. The first step in any engagement, we spend time onsite with new clients assessing the current state of their organization in order to determine how to tailor our solutions appropriately. Depending on the scope and scale of an engagement, a discovery could take a half-day to two full days, during which we conduct a rigorous audit of the client’s sales organization and ask a series of carefully-selected questions.

Asking the Right Questions

Having executed hundreds of client discoveries over the years, we know the importance of asking the right questions to transition from a 30,000-foot view to a deep dive. Properly-stated questions give way to extensive responses on behalf of the client, shedding much-needed light on the sales organization and the issues within.

The right questions also allow the client to think in a new way. Many times, our clients actually know more about their issues than they ever would have realized, simply because they haven’t been asked the right questions. Lastly, asking thought-provoking questions leads to fresh ideas and brainstorming between consultant and client, leading to optimal results.

The Result?

A sales discovery should be a thorough and accurate examination of a sales organization and recommendations for reaching sales goals. Asking the right questions allows for extraction of key insights, uncovering of hidden obstacles, and most importantly a clear and customized strategy to hit short-term and long-term goals, success guaranteed!

Learn more about our approach to sales discoveries on our website. For a complimentary 30-minute "mini-discovery", schedule a consultation with a member of our team. 

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