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By Liz Stone August 12, 2016

Start Assessing Your Sales Org with a Free Worksheet

When was the last time you audited your sales organization? As a sales leader, you must regularly monitor your sales organization in order to determine areas of strength and weakness, identify hidden revenue blockers, understand industry standing, and forecast accurately.

Ongoing assessment of your sales organization will allow you to quickly identify issues and opportunities for improvement, enable sales team with the tools they need to be top performers, and optimize your sales process so that it runs quickly and efficiently with the highest win rates and shortest sales cycles possible in your line of work. 

Evaluate the health of your own organization with our free Sales Org Assessment worksheet.

Sales_Org_Assessment_Worksheet.jpgHere's how to use it: 

  • Download and print the Sales Org Assessment worksheet
  • Consider the main elements of a Winning Sales Foundation:
    • Sales team enablement strategy
    • CRM implementation
    • Management connection to reps
    • Sales funnel management
    • Top 20 account reviews
    • Win/loss reports
    • Low turnover
    • Quick ramp-up time
    • Sales process progression
  • Mark "Yes" or "No" if you have these elements in your organization
  • If you do, rate each on a 1-5 scale, 1 being "poor" and 5 "great"

If you are missing key elements of a Winning Sales Foundation or if what you have isn't "great", you have some [fixable!] gaps that can be resolved. The first step is conducting an Executive Sales Discovery with Sales Result. 

Our Discovery solution is a rigorous audit of your sales system. Through onsite interviews and extensive research, we thoroughly examine every detail to uncover hidden obstacles that are blocking revenue goals, extract key insights about opportunities for improvement and growth, and develop a plan for optimizing performance. From there, we provide the deliverables, coaching, and implementation to turn the plan into reality with long-term results.  

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn more. 

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The B2B Executive's Guide to a Winning Sales Org

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