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By Ryan Strandin August 14, 2015

Using BANT in your CRM

CRM_BANT_integrationIf you are not familiar with BANT, please read “Intro to BANT” and “Getting to BANT” before continuing. Pairing BANT with your CRM system fosters two vital changes to your organization that will help improve efficiency and effectiveness. Using the BANT systemin the CRM changes the mindset of the sales reps, and provides significantly more visibility for management.

CRM BANT for Sales Reps

 Surely enough your sales team has developed a strategy or understanding of how to close sales. Some organizations give their reps a good deal of freedom to express their personal selling styles, while others are more regimented. By integrating a CRM based BANT qualification system into your system, you will have will begin to change the way sales reps think.

If reps are required to enter why the lead did not result in a sale (lack of Budget, Need, Authority, or Time) then they have to start looking for those qualifying factors more quickly. Give each reps a spreadsheet, and have them manually check off the letters of BANT individually while talking to a lead. In the early stages of the transition, this can be helpful in changing their routine. In the long run, this saves valuable time, as they will not spend too long with the wrong leads. While many objections may be overcome, it is important to first identify what they are.

CRM BANT for Management

The introduction of BANT into the CRM system provides visibility that was unavailable before. CRM BANT allows managers to see which channels are providing which types of leads. This might show that website leads typically do not have the authority to make a decision. That might indicate that the company’s web traffic strategy is focused on the wrong keywords, and needs make some changes. If leads from phone calls get disqualified most frequently because of budget, then maybe the sales team could use some coaching in objection handling and building value. 

This level of visibility allows you to not only look at channel characteristics, but the performance of your individual sales reps. If John is always disqualifying leads based on their lack of Need, then he is probably in need of coaching to better find pain points and demonstrate value.


BANT CRM integration provides a great selling mentality, and valuable insight. It is easy to integrate with almost any existing sales system, and you will begin to see results immediately. If you need any help with your sales process or CRM customization, please reach out to Sales Result today.


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