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    By Eric Morse March 3, 2016

    “Trump” the Competition: Surpass the Pack with a Playbook

    Political stances aside, we can all agree on one thing when it comes to the 2016 presidential elections, which is the power that lies in changing the game.

    Donald Trump has exhibited this thoughout his campaign as he’s swept through the primaries to become the leading candidate of the Republican Party. However controversial, his unique campaign strategy has generated a big buzz and led him to victory (thus far) that was largely unexpected since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

    When was the last time that you switched up your selling game and tried a new strategy? Are you experiencing low close rates, unable to grow new business, frustrated by inconsistent results from your team, or know you have untapped sales potential that you’re ready to reach? If you aren’t getting the results you want, it’s likely you’re following old rules and an outdated strategy, much of which can be fixed by a strategic sales playbook. A sales playbook is the foundation for putting everyone else on the defensive, setting yourself apart, and ultimately winning more sales.

    Many similarities can be drawn between a successful presidential campaign and a successful playbook. Both should be…

    • Consistent  – In order to gain voters, candidates must seem trustworthy, and this means consistency. Stay consistent in your own efforts by training your team on best practices for sales strategy, messaging and process. Keep reps accountable for their sales efforts to ensure sure they always stay true to the desired message.

    • Process-oriented –  At the core of every political campaign is a very calculated strategy followed by all involved. Think of a sales process as the strategic core of the playbook. Great playbooks are directly mapped to an organization’s unique selling process, which should provide the focus and direction necessary for every rep to stay on task.   

    • Motivational – All presidential campaigns have a slogan supported by very tailored messaging designed for a desired audience, in this case the American public or specific sectors within it. A playbook defines your target “sweet spot” audience and personas, how to reach them on all fronts with meaningful messaging, and prompt them to buy.

    • Supported internally – Every presidential candidate is backed by a team of experts committed to their success. The same goes for your sales organization – everyone involved in a sale's lifecycle, from sales executives (CEO, VP of Sales, etc.) to sales management to sales reps to sales operations to marketing, should believe in the “cause” and feel personally invested in its success.

    • Measurable – Presidential campaigns are constantly measured to draw comparison between candidates and make predictions. A playbook should be no different – it should be backed by key metrics and a sales process that is mapped to your CRM system, so that its success can be tracked and tweaks can be made over time as your organization grows, the industry landscape changes, etc.  

    • Designed to win – The ultimate goal of a presidential campaign is to become number one, the President of the USA. A playbook should set your company apart from the competition and give your reps all of the tools and the process necessary to consistently position and win against the competition, in any scenario.

    Are you ready to improve your selling game, or change it altogether? Get a kick start with our customized sales playbooks and processes, guaranteed to make your sales team stand out alongside the competition by redefining what you sell, who you sell to, and how you sell it. 

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