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by Liz Stone July 31, 2017

4 Summer Sales Training "Quick Wins"

What better time to train your team than a slower summer? Whether you manage an inside, outside, or hybrid team, chances are that sales activities have reduced in early Q3. Take this opportunity to do some hands-on training with your sales team.

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by Liz Stone June 26, 2017

11 Ways to Enable Your Sales Team to Succeed

Sales enablement is the process, practices, technologies and tools that improves the productivity and performance of the sales organization and sales team. Examples of sales enablement include playbooks, processes, collateral, CRM system, success metrics, and sales portals.

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by Liz Stone May 8, 2017

Successful Sales Onboarding: 5 Topics to Include in Your New Hire Plan

The first 90 days of a new hire’s time at your company is largely tied to their overall success as an employee and productive salesperson. Successful onboarding leads to reduced turnover, increased ramp-up time, and less stress all around. New hires that are onboarded properly generally have higher success potential then their untrained counterparts.

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by Liz Stone December 8, 2016

Do I Need a Sales Trainer or a Sales Consultant?: Blog 2 of 2

This is a continuation of our blog series differentiating sales training and sales consulting. With so many options out there, and an often fuzzy demarcation between the two, these blogs are aimed to help sales leadership get a better understanding of the pros and cons of each to help them select the service that best fits their needs.

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by Liz Stone December 2, 2016

Do I Need a Sales Trainer or a Sales Consultant?: Blog 1 of 2

Type in “help for my sales team”, “sales team training”, “building a sales team”, “sales organization support”, or any other sales-support-related keywords or phrase into Google, and you’ll be bombarded with information. You'll find blogs containing “5 top tips” or “10 unique ideas” for improving efficiency and sales rep performance, articles from top business publications like Forbes and Business Insider, and websites from sales trainers and sales consultancies alike, guaranteeing “proven solutions” and “award winning approaches” to fast-track your team.

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by Liz Stone October 17, 2016

Key Differences Between SMB and Enterprise Sales Reps

Enterprises and SMBs are very different beasts and in order to sell to them effectively, your sales reps need to have certain skills. While there are key characteristics that all top-performing reps have in common, there are specific qualities that a sales rep selling to Enterprise versus a Small or Medium-Sized Business must possess in order to be successful with repeatable results.

This blog explores characteristics needed for Enterprise and SMB reps, as well as some main differentiators between these two types of businesses.

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by Liz Stone August 18, 2016

Go for Gold: Olympic Strategies to Apply to Your Sales Team

If you're anything like us, there have been some late nights recently watching the Olympics. It's hard to pull away from the physical feats, world records, incredible wins, tragic losses and athletes' stories, all on the beautiful backdrop of Brazil. 
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by Liz Stone August 4, 2016

5 Tips for Re-Energizing Your Sales Team

Is complacency running rampant in your sales organization? Are your sales reps content with the status quo, perhaps they are forgetting things, making too many assumptions or missing opportunities? Are you seeing a shift from a “hunting” to a “farming” mentality on behalf of your reps, or have you hired “farmers” that you can’t seem to turn into “hunters”? Whether you have experienced salespeople who have lost their drive, or newer reps you’re struggling to motivate, here are five tips for re-energizing your team or certain individuals on it..

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by Ryan Strandin February 12, 2015

Ring! Ring! Do You Have the Proper Phone Sales Training?

How many leads do you lose when your sales team isn’t picking up the phone, or is ineffective when they call?  Each time you lose a lead, it leaves your sales team frustrated without knowing what went wrong, what tools they need to be more successful. Most salespeople need phone sales coaching, and role specific information and tools in order to be optimally effective.  If these salespeople have never received phone sales training, they are losing deals they should have won!

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by Chris Strandin October 28, 2014

How to Love Prospecting #1 Change How You Think


Change How You Think

This is the first blog in a 3 part series with the intention of giving you and your team the tools and perspectives to cold call better, and to truly enjoy prospecting. Working at a sales consulting firm, I find that very few individuals consider cold calling the favorite part of their day, even though it is a vital part of their job and their sales process. We know that prospecting opens the door to selling conversations, but why do we lose motivation? With experience implementing custom sales training programs across different industries, I’ve learned that there are ways to learn how to love prospecting. I’ve isolated three categories of small changes you can make to enjoy this vital part of your inside sales process: Change How You Think, Change How You Act, and Change How You Feel. In this first blog, I address the “Change How you Think” portion of the trilogy, and I invite you to consider how the following concepts could benefit your organization’s approach to cold calling.


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