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by Chris Strandin November 4, 2014

How to Love Prospecting #3 Change How You Feel


In parts 1 and 2 of this trilogy, Change How You Think and Change How You Act, I introduced new ways to think about prospecting and alter your selling process to enjoy and excel at prospecting. This final chapter of How To Love Prospecting is about changing how you feel about prospecting by providing a new perspective on the way you view your daily activities.

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by Chris Strandin October 30, 2014

How to Love Prospecting #2 Change How You Act

My previous blog in this series, Change How You Think, provided some helpful tools and tips for salespeople dealing with a lack of motivation to cold call, an unhealthy attitude towards their role in a cold call conversation, and the unfortunate plague that is call anxiety. Change How You Act will address how to leverage day planning, account blueprinting, and CRM use for every sales professional looking to increase success in prospecting. I think it is important to remember that Action precedes motivation.

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by Eric Morse October 8, 2014

Proven Plans & Sales Playbooks to Win Against the 800-Pound Gorilla

Are you tired and fed up to losing against an 800-pound gorilla in your space. Do you have a plan?

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by Eric Morse January 13, 2014

Lessons Learned About Sales Process Implementation

So after developing, creating, fixing and implementing numerous Sales Process for different types of companies, I thought I would review some of the REAL Killers/Failures in adoption that I have personally seen while I was selling, managing and since 2003 providing winning sales consulting through my Sales Consulting firms SRi, Sales Result Inc. in which we cleaned up a lot of the below mistakes.

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by Eric Morse December 11, 2013

When to Fire Sales Non-Performers?

So how many times have we hired someone and said to ourselves this person is going to be fantastic. Yet 12 months later he/she is fired. We have also heard and seen in many blogs the cost of the wrong hire or turnover.

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by Eric Morse April 30, 2013

Winning Sales Process: Key Activity vs. Activity

A clearly defined sales process is essential in today’s selling environment for closing sales and ensuring that your company achieves its sales strategy at maximum profitability. Sales processes should not only outline what to do at each step but also describe the goals that should be achieved, including key activities or sales milestones.

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by Eric Morse April 29, 2013

Social Selling: Sales Relevance in a Social World!

 In the last few weeks, I have read many blogs, tweets predicting the death of sales people, lack of importance of sales, salespeople will become like dinosaurs and that solution selling or a value based selling is dead. I know some will agree and disagree but here are my thoughts.

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by Eric Morse April 21, 2013

Stop Losing to Your Competitors with a Winning Sales Process

The key to any successful company sales organization is an effective and what we call a Winning Sales Process.

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by Eric Morse March 19, 2013

Sales Process, a "MUST HAVE": To Build A Company Culture of Winning

WHAT YOU NEED TO WIN the deal against the competitors. In our experience working with many great sales teams, we’ve found one overarching commonality: If you want to win, you must always know where you are in your organization’s sales process, and the next steps necessary to effectively close the deal. Mapping your sales process to the buying process is critical in todays times to add value and differentiate.

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by Andrew Morse January 25, 2013

Objection Handling

One of the most fundamental aspects of selling is the ability to effectively and consistently answer objections. In our Executive Sales Discovery and Gap Analysis™ we find this as a constant theme: The inability of sales organizations or individuals to effectively and consistency answer objections that are posed during the sales process. This, to me, is one of the larger hidden revenue blockers in any organization. I encourage you to check it out yourself in your organization.

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