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by Liz Stone April 5, 2016

The “3P” Approach: Playbook, Process & People

At SRi, we believe a successful sales team hinges on the three “P” formula: playbook, process, people. A playbook provides best-practice messaging and strategies, a process gives guidance to efficiently turn more cold leads into closed sales, and [the right] people use the playbook and process properly, giving way to increased revenue while taking a more effective  approach.

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by Liz Stone March 17, 2016

Five Reasons Why You're Losing to Your Competitor

Are you tired of losing to your competitors? Is there a particular competitor that you find yourself constantly coming up against? Is there a new competitor in your space that's starting to gain traction?

While every industry is obviously different and there are many factors at play when it comes to competition, such as pricing structure, client relationships, recognizable brand name, referenceable accounts, etc., there are five common reasons across the board for why certain companies continue to dominate over others.

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by Eric Morse March 3, 2016

“Trump” the Competition: Surpass the Pack with a Playbook

Political stances aside, we can all agree on one thing when it comes to the 2016 presidential elections, which is the power that lies in changing the game.

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by Eric Morse February 24, 2016

Top 10 Ways Sales Ops Can Help in a Funnel Review

The sales funnel is a valuable visualization tool that depicts the progress of sales opportunities as they narrow down to new customers. It provides a transparent view of all leads available to the sales team and how they are being managed as they move throughout your sales process. In order to be effective, regular sales funnel reviews are necessary, and should be done on a regular basis; monthly beween Sales Operations and the VP of Sales, quarterly between VP of Sales and CEO, and annually with company leadership/board/shareholders.

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by Eric Morse December 3, 2015

Clean Up Your [Sales] Clutter

Many of us tidy our desks before taking time off from the office, especially for long durations such as the over the holidays. We organize our email inboxes, fill our recycling bins to the brim with papers have accumulated over months, set up “away” messages, and tie up loose ends. Cleaning your clutter clears your mind, and returning to an orderly desk allows you to work harder, tackle tough projects and be more productive, all with grace and ease.

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by Ryan Strandin August 7, 2015

Intro to BANT

Every company with outbound sales has developed a method of blueprinting. They vary greatly in complexity, but at the most basic level can be simplified to a four letter acronym, BANT. The acronym BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Time. If a customer has these four things, they are considered a “qualified lead” and get entered into the sales process.

BANT - Budget

Many outbound reps have trouble determining if the lead has budget because they are afraid to ask, but it is one of the most important things to know. If the lead does not have enough money to buy your product, it does not matter how well you build value because they will never end up being a customer.

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by Chris Strandin January 21, 2015

Why A Sales Process Implementation Is Vital to Your Success

Force yourself to write down your current sales process. What steps do you take? When do you engage your internal partners? What sales tools do you use, and when? How do you define your stages in CRM? If you don't have clear answers to these questions, there’s a good chance you can improve the way you and your team approach deals.

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by Chris Strandin November 13, 2014

Cold Calling Still Works. Here's Why

Today's buyer has a world of information at their fingertips, and couldn't possibly be persuaded by a cold call, right?

Wrong. This sales consulting firm would tell you that you need to call now more than ever, and maybe just adjust your goal.

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by Chris Strandin November 4, 2014

How to Love Prospecting #3 Change How You Feel


In parts 1 and 2 of this trilogy, Change How You Think and Change How You Act, I introduced new ways to think about prospecting and alter your selling process to enjoy and excel at prospecting. This final chapter of How To Love Prospecting is about changing how you feel about prospecting by providing a new perspective on the way you view your daily activities.

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by Chris Strandin October 30, 2014

How to Love Prospecting #2 Change How You Act

My previous blog in this series, Change How You Think, provided some helpful tools and tips for salespeople dealing with a lack of motivation to cold call, an unhealthy attitude towards their role in a cold call conversation, and the unfortunate plague that is call anxiety. Change How You Act will address how to leverage day planning, account blueprinting, and CRM use for every sales professional looking to increase success in prospecting. I think it is important to remember that Action precedes motivation.

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