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by Eric Morse April 15, 2014

Inside Sales Management: The Value of a Sales Playbook

You’re a sales leader, working with your team to achieve increased sales targets but you are struggling to get there. You need a new plan but where to start? In our last article Success Tips for the Inside Sales Process we talked about some quick tips to get a rapid boost in Inside Sales performance. For longer-term, more sustained performance, however, implementing a Sales Playbook as part of your sales planning should be something that you strongly consider. 

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by Eric Morse April 17, 2013

SaaS Sales PlayBook - Needed Component to Grow Revenue

Sales playbooks are guides that contain information on and detail experiences regarding the most successful methods for selling your product. They aren’t static documents or online sites/tools; they are ever-growing repositories of tactics, experiences, strategies and whatever other content you think can help to improve sales effectiveness.

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by Andrew Morse January 25, 2013

Objection Handling

One of the most fundamental aspects of selling is the ability to effectively and consistently answer objections. In our Executive Sales Discovery and Gap Analysis™ we find this as a constant theme: The inability of sales organizations or individuals to effectively and consistency answer objections that are posed during the sales process. This, to me, is one of the larger hidden revenue blockers in any organization. I encourage you to check it out yourself in your organization.

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by Eric Morse November 15, 2012

What’s in Your Briefcase: Top Tools for Every Sales Person

Sales is anything but simple. It takes strategy and tactical thinking to be a successful sales person. However, when selling is done right, it looks effortless. The following ten sales tools seem basic at first glance, but when properly utilized, they will become the most powerful arsenal in your sales toolbox.

SRi firmly believes in the power of customized sales tools, and applies a Your Culture, Your Clients, Your Way™ methodology when creating each of the following deliverables. Many consulting firms will provide similar tools by taking a canned approach; this isn’t a long-term solution because inevitably they won’t mesh with your company’s unique culture.

By customizing the following ten tools to your company type, size, unique offering, and customer demographic, you will see increased sales, improved structure within your sales organization, happier sales people, less turnover, and improved communication between all involved, which results in sustainable revenue growth.

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by Eric Morse March 22, 2012

The Importance of Customized Sales Tools

As a sales consulting firm, we've been in the business of making sales tools for almost ten years. With over one hundred successful engagements under our belt in all types of industries, it's no surprise that we've handled countless numbers of sales tools. In our definition, sales tools are anything used by the Inside Sales and/or Direct Sales teams to move efficiently and effectively through the sales process. Sometimes these tools run over into sales management, sales operations and marketing as well. Examples include: blueprints, close plans, value propositions, etc.

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by Eric Morse January 4, 2012

Why Top Sales Teams Need Sales Playbooks

You wouldn't send a football team into a game without a defined play, would you? How about a basketball team? The same standard exists for sales. If you have a leading sales team, skilled in hunting down leads, tracking them, closing deals, and maintaining client satisfaction, you probably know the importance of using a streamlined process and a consistent message for internal and external purposes. Without a step-by-step process and clearly-defined value propositions/messaging, your team (no matter how skilled) will likely falter, missing crucial steps in the sale and ultimately losing deals that could easily be won if handled correctly.

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by Eric Morse December 7, 2011

The Missing Piece of Sales Training

Remember that one (or more!) sales rep who underwent sales training during their initial onboarding, and still can't pull off a solid sales call or sales presentation?

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