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    by Chris Strandin October 20, 2022

    Close Better, Faster, Stronger in Q4

    Q4 is about Closing. Many companies still have time to prospect and get through the sales cycle between today and New Year's Eve; but for others, you're 13 months into a deal and you need it to make your quota. 

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    by Chris Strandin October 20, 2022

    Evaluating Your Sales Playbook

    Sales training, sales tools, competitive battle cards - there is a lot of buzz about how to best enable your sales team today, but few places bring all that information into one place. Here we go:

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    by Chris Strandin September 5, 2022

    Doing More With Less: A Sales Story

    The unemployment was good, the inflation was bad.
    Customers needed the product, customers wouldn't buy. 
    I need better results, I need to cut costs and downsize my team. 

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    by Chris Strandin August 29, 2022

    Selling More with Less

    There are lots of secrets, keys, methodologies, and frameworks on the market for sales training. Many of which have really good ideas, and have made many individuals and companies wildly successful. 

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    by Chris Strandin August 22, 2022

    Competing in SaaS Sales

    In SaaS sales, you're typically competing against another SaaS solution or a traditional software solution. In either case, knowing your competitors inside and out will set you apart from alternatives. This post explores some common traps SaaS companies fall into, and how to avoid falling behind your competition. These days, you may have 40 competitors in a hot space, your whole team needs to be involved in identifying and learning about them. 

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