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by Ron Strandin January 17, 2020

If You Get One Thing Right, Make It Your Value Proposition

When you build a new product or service you’ll have to decide what value you’re going to bring to your customer, what problem you’ll solve, and what that should be worth. As you bring that product to market, you will create value propositions that define your position across product planning, marketing messaging, and sales messaging. This simple framework helps to keep the product and messaging aligned, clear, and on track.

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by Gerard Sternesky June 5, 2019

Three Kinds of Lies

A sales leader shared his frustrations during a recent meeting.  “Our metrics are all on track,” he said.  “We made a huge push last year and we’ve finally gotten the reps to enter data into the CRM consistently.  We created a bunch of dashboards, and these all show the reps are consistently meeting their targets for phone calls placed, emails sent, and meetings conducted.  Our sales funnels look stronger than ever, and yet, a full year later, we’re not seeing any noticeable sales increase over prior periods.”    

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by Gerard Sternesky April 23, 2019

Want Forecast Accuracy? Get to Know Your Sales Forecasting Process

In this fourth and final installment in our series on forecast accuracy, we’ll examine the forecast process itself to identify ways in which that process can foster - or hinder - forecast accuracy.   

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by Gerard Sternesky April 16, 2019

Want Forecast Accuracy? Get to Know Your Sales Information System

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we discussed the importance of getting to know your client base from a variety of perspectives and using that knowledge to design a sales process that is aligned to their buying process.  In this part, we’ll discuss how to set-up your sales information system in a way that promotes forecast accuracy.

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by Gerard Sternesky April 9, 2019

Want Forecast Accuracy? Get to Know Your Sales Process

In part one of this series, we discussed the importance of getting to know your client base.  Factors such as the criticality of your product to their success, the buyer’s attitude toward sales and salespeople, the financial and personal risks they face both from buying and NOT buying your product and the way in which they want to buy all provide data points that should inform the sales process you deploy.   In this part, we’ll discuss how to avoid the pitfalls we see in many sales processes and help you design a sales process that appropriately leverages what you know about your client base.

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by Gerard Sternesky April 3, 2019

Want Forecast Accuracy? Get to Know Your Client Base

As we enter the second quarter of 2019, many companies on calendar fiscal years are asking their sales departments for revenue forecasts that reach out to the end of the year. In this four-part series, we’ll provide suggestions on how to improve the accuracy of revenue forecasts and the issues that can influence it.

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by Eric Morse October 30, 2018

CEO: Assets Your Sales Leaders Should Exhibit

I have been truly humbled in my career, by working with and for amazing sales leaders. Even today in my sales consulting firm, Sales Result inc., I am constantly amazed at how these amazing individuals, men and women,  exhibit these behaviors and assets. I have not included in this blog assets like honesty, values, proven skills, trust, leadership and communication. I will leave these for another time. 

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by Chris Strandin November 29, 2017

5 Avoidable 2018 Sales Planning Mistakes

With under 5 weeks until EOY, it’s safe to say you’re insanely busy. Scrambling to close deals, worried about making the target by New Year’s Eve, and in the heat of it all, you need to make a sales plan. As you prepare your roadmap for 2018, make sure to avoid the following five blunders. 

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by Liz Stone November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner is the Key to Your 2018 Sales Plan

Thanksgiving shares several parallels to sales planning. Behind the scenes, many moving parts lead up to the big moment when family and friends sit down to enjoy the meal of the year. The key elements that streamline an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner also provide valuable lessons that you can apply to your 2018 sales planning.

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by Liz Stone August 31, 2017

6 Ways to Maximize Your 2017 Sales Plan in Q4

Just like that, Q4 is nearly upon us! Hopefully you've spent the summer selling, or if things have been slow, completing sales-related projects and activities to prepare the sales team for a productive Fall. One task you should complete before summers-end is the review of your annual sales plan going into Q4.

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