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    by Chris Strandin October 20, 2022

    Close Better, Faster, Stronger in Q4

    Q4 is about Closing. Many companies still have time to prospect and get through the sales cycle between today and New Year's Eve; but for others, you're 13 months into a deal and you need it to make your quota. 

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    by Sales Result, Inc. June 24, 2022

    Increase Win Rates: 6 Steps for An Effective Win/Loss Program

    Studying wins and losses is a valuable sales and marketing activity that is often overlooked in sales organizations. The best way to improve your win rates, up to 50% according to Gartner, is to align your strategies with your prospect’s buying process, needs, and goals. This can be done through a post-sale interview with the new client or lost prospect, often called a Win/Loss Interview, Report or Analysis.

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    by Chris Strandin April 15, 2022

    11 Steps to Improve Sales Results

    Planning drives performance, drives results

    In this blog, we're going to cover the 11 most important components to evaluate your sales organization, and identify opportunities to fill any gaps to improve sales results. These below tips have been proven in over 300 SRi engagements, they work. 

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    by Chris Strandin March 14, 2022

    Paint-the-Picture®: How You Sell (Sales Process)

    Paint-the-Picture® How You Sell relates to your sales process, and the critical elements every sales organization should be looking at as they evaluate their sales process. In this blog, we do not cover mapping your sales process to your prospect's buying process, but you can find that in this post.

    • Do you have a well defined sales process?
    • Is it designed for your market and prospects?
    • Does your team follow it?
    • Is it mapped to your CRM?

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    by Chris Strandin March 14, 2022

    Paint the Picture®: What You Sell

    Do your sales reps know what you sell? Like, REALLY know what you sell?

    Even more importantly, do your prospects understand what you sell within 30 seconds of the rep beginning to explain it?

    These may seem like incredibly basic questions, but more often than you would believe, salespeople are not able to effectively explain such a basic component of their role of a seller. 

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