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by Eric Morse April 17, 2013

SaaS Sales PlayBook - Needed Component to Grow Revenue

Sales playbooks are guides that contain information on and detail experiences regarding the most successful methods for selling your product. They aren’t static documents or online sites/tools; they are ever-growing repositories of tactics, experiences, strategies and whatever other content you think can help to improve sales effectiveness.

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by Eric Morse April 15, 2013

SaaS Sales Compensation: Stop Losing Great Sales Staff!

A capable sales staff can be a company’s greatest asset.

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by Eric Morse April 12, 2013

SaaS Sales Team not Meeting Expectations, Look to Segmentation

Sales segmentation is the practice of establishing different marketing strategies for different target prospects.

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by Eric Morse February 6, 2012

High Tech Sales Management

With the 2012 Computer Electronics Show coming to a close, we’ve decided it’s time to review some of the challenges faced by the technology industry. In terms of sales, high tech is booming. Devices of all sorts are coming to market, but only some of them are succeeding. The ones that are doing well are doing very well. The question is what divides the good from the bad – how much of it is poor marketing and sales management, and what of it is the product itself? It’s our opinion that most products can succeed – they just need the right push. Let’s look at the current state of the high tech sales industry for ideas.

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by Eric Morse December 21, 2011

Selling SaaS and Boosting Business

These days, the terms SaaS (Software as a Service) and "cloud computing" are becoming extremely prevalent in the workplace. As business founders, owners, and leaders, it's important to understand these concepts, and what they mean in today's highly technological world. 

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