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    by Chris Strandin August 15, 2022

    If You're Too Busy to Plan, It's Time to Start

    Pardon the oxymoron, but it's true. No matter if you're at home or in the office, or managing a team or calling customers; when you get the most busy you need to get the most efficient. The best way to get more efficient is to plan - it will cost you about an hour a week, and can save you more than an hour every day. With an extra two or three days every month, what could you accomplish?

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    by Chris Strandin May 19, 2022

    How to Beat the 800 Pound Gorilla

    So I had a call with a client this week that is going up against some of the biggest companies in the country, if not the world, with his 40-person startup, and it got me thinking about a topic we haven’t covered in a while: Defeating the 800 lb. gorilla.

    Now, this can be done. Sales Result is a less than 10 person sales consulting company and we’ve worked with half a billion, a billion dollar companies, and even Google by beating out major consulting players. It can be done.

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    by Chris Strandin April 13, 2022

    "Easter Eggs" for Sales Reps

    I’m gearing up to spend easter with my nieces and nephews this weekend, and it’s making me think back to the Sundays of frantically searching for eggs and trying to get more than my equally competitive brother. Then, true to form, I started thinking about how this relates to sales.

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    by Ryan Strandin February 24, 2015

    Call Script Importance

    Instant communication such as email, texting and instant message have completely integrated with our daily lives. It is becoming increasingly rare to make actual phone calls for our daily conversations. We don't exercise the skill of talking on the phone very often anymore, and our collective ability to communicate effectively on the phone fades with time. It is important to be prepared for any outcome when you pick up the phone to call a potential customer, but how can you be ready for all those possibilities? This is where call scripts can be extremely beneficial. They are easy to follow guidelines so that you always have a good response, and your phone calls will turn into new business. Well-written scripts enable everyone in your organization to sell like your top performers because their cold call scripts are based on tactics and answers your top performers use.

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    by Eric Morse June 9, 2013

    Paint the Picture®: Understand What, Who & How You Sell

    Paint the Picture®: Unifying your sales strategy, messaging and process is an essential step towards optimizing your sales engine, not to mention effective training for the sales team, and new hires. 

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