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    by Chris Strandin May 4, 2022

    SRi Hacks: Account Management

    Account management is an important process that requires intentional and strategic planning and execution. This infographic contains a few hacks to improve your account management process, and hopefully think about account management in different ways. Ultimately, account management is about a deep understanding of your customer, their goals and objectives, and providing exceptional value to the account so that a true partnership can develop. 

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    by Chris Strandin May 24, 2017

    Key Account Plans: 3 Things Yours Should Include

    Most B2B companies would be devastated if they lost 5 of their top 10 accounts, but many have little-to-no process in place to manage them. Top accounts bring in larger amounts of predictable revenue than the rest, and extra efforts in the form of key account management need to be placed on them to ensure they don’t find a new business partner. 

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    by Liz Stone April 5, 2017

    Use Account-Based Sales & Marketing to Increase Revenue

    Is your sales team unable to land desirable large accounts? Are you losing business from your installed base to other vendors? Do your sales and marketing teams struggle to work together because they don’t share common goals? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider account-based marketing (ABM).

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    by Chris Strandin September 2, 2015

    Account Planning Best Practices

    Account Plans are detailed blueprints of the relevant information needed to grow an individual account. Each company should have their own set of details required for their Account Plans, but many aspects are universal.  Good Account Plans allow for reps and managers to create strategies to improve close ratios and win more business. A thorough Account Plan provides many useful details about an account, which will help you build a winning strategy. The best sales managers will coach reps on what aspects of the account to pay special attention to, as well as how to leverage that information to reach their goals. 

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