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    By Maria Trizna September 25, 2018

    The Ultimate Guide to a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

    If you google “sales enablement” likely you’ll be bombarded with various CRM and sales process vendors, metric platforms, and consumption and training software. And all those things are great things if the strategy, content, and tools being used in via these platforms is right. In this blog, we outline key components you should consider prior to picking the right software and digital platforms for your company.

    The Right Strategy

    Without set, clear direction, even the best employees are unlikely to get the results you’re looking for. Why? Elon Musk explains the reasoning using physics,

    “Let’s say you’re trying to get your company from point A to point B. Every person in your team is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors”.

    For those not familiar with physics, a vectors is a quantity that has both magnitude and direction, and when two vectors are moving in opposite directions their sum is zero—no matter how big the magnitude.

    Translated, this means if you have excellent employees, let’s say all are 9/10, but they’re not moving in the same direction nothing will be accomplished. On the other hand, if each employee is moving in the same direction there are no inefficiencies and all efforts are maximized.

    Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.48.44 PMSo before you do anything, you need to have a clear direction and vision with unified messaging and processes. To start, we recommend that everyone in your company has the same understanding of who the target customer is, how you’re planning to reach them, and what solutions you should be recommending.

    The Right Content

    Our past 15 years of experience in sales consulting has taught us one thing: content is king. You can have the best sales enablement platform, but if the content inside is outdated and doesn’t resonate with your ever-evolving target customer, your sales reps won’t be successful.

    Your sales reps should be equipped with sales playbooks that defines what you sell, who you sell to, and how you sell it.

    What You Sell Should Include:   

    • Descriptions of all your solution and/or services showcasing the value and problems you’re solving
    • The industry you’re competing in and the competitive landscape
    • How your solutions and/or service are different from the competition

    Who You Sell To Should Include:

    • Target customer personas outline their pain points and purchase motivators
    • Business benefits mapped to business pains for quick reference and talking points
    • Value messaging to be used in sales conversations

    How You Sell Should Include:

    • Sales process mapped to your target customer’s buying journey
    • Tools and templates to be used at each stage in the sales process
    • Training to make sure your sales reps are properly equipped to use the tools


    The Right Tools

    Your sales reps need to be equipped to say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, in the most efficient way possible. Although we argue that every sales message should be personalized to the prospect or opportunity, having the following tools readily available for your sales reps to use will significantly increase their ability to quickly move sales forward:

    • Email templates for different stages in the sales process, persona types, or industries
    • Customer success stories outlined by business pains and/or industries
    • Objection handling organized by objection types, such as risk, money, time, and status quo


    Once you have the 3 key components developed for your sales enablement initiative, you’re ready to map these activities to your CRM of choice, learning management system (LMS) for training, or content consumption platform for increase productivity and efficiency. 

    Knowing where to start or how to define these key sales enablement components can be challenging. Request a complimentary 30-minutes with one of our sales enablement experts to provide you with personalized guidance on where to start. 

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