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By Eric Morse January 30, 2019

The Importance of Coaching & Mentoring In B2B Sales

Hi Does Your Sales Leadership Team Provide consistent Coaching & Mentoring For Your Sales Team?

In the fast-moving world of B2B sales, maintaining a fresh, modern, and cutting-edge sales philosophy is what’s really going to drive conversions all throughout your sales team and sales process. Now, there are a number of different ways you can go about implementing an effective sales philosophy, but one of the most cost-effective ways to go about it is to simply implore your sales leadership to provide strong coaching and mentoring for your lower-level sales representatives. One of the areas we focus on in our sales consulting firm with are clients, is management reinforcing the investment in training, sales tools and enablement through programmatic coaching? Using real life scenarios, managers can coach at the same time move the sales funnel forward. 

The most important things to remember here,

-Sales Leadership team should be more than capable of providing your team with the right knowledge, training, and motivation to drive their performance to a whole new level.

-Most companies need help with sales playbooks, content, enablement, processes and procedures. 

-It cannot be a one off. It has to be with purpose, consistency and measured

What Are The Benefits of Sales Coaching?

When it comes to sales coaching, one could scour the internet to find relevant statistics on ROI, bottom line metrics, profits, and conversion rates to see that it is a proven process for businesses. However, many of today’s CEO and sales leaders are reluctant to provide their team with the proper coaching, mostly due to the cost and time. Thats looking at the risk and not the upside. If you want stats and ROI please reach out. 

As for the benefits, sales coaching can no doubt boost revenue for your company. How? Because your leadership team will work to lend the very same expertise that helped to propel them forward in their careers to your team, ultimately providing each sales representative with more effective, proven tactics designed to drive their conversion rates.

In addition, sales coaching has been shown to improve productivity because your leadership team will help to increase confidence amongst your sales representatives, knowing that they have the proper training and knowledge to close on bigger deals with more monumental clients.

Perhaps the most important and long-lasting benefits of sales coaching, is that it can help to increase the engagement and satisfaction levels of your sales team. Knowing that they work for a company willing to invest time and money to help them develop their professional skills is huge for morale, and will also help to foster a stronger engagement amongst your sales representatives, so they become more motivated to sell and close deals.

Mentoring Is More Valuable Than You Think

Imagine yourself as a young sales representative; you’ve just recently been promoted into the sales department and are eager to learn everything there is to learn about selling and closing deals. Your sales manager, a seasoned veteran with years of experience closing high-stakes deals simply isn’t interested in helping you develop your skills, they’re merely focused on profits. Would that damage your eager state of mind? Quite possibly!

Your sales leadership team should serve as in-house mentors for your lower-level sales representatives. Not only because they have years of knowledge and experience under their belts, but because they too were once in those very same low-level sales positions before they became leaders.

Work with your sales leadership team to help define a simple, yet effective mentoring program, so that you can keep your sales representatives engaged, energized, and focused at all times – just like their mentors. If you need help please reach out to us at

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