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By Liz Stone May 8, 2017

Successful Sales Onboarding: 5 Topics to Include in Your New Hire Plan

The first 90 days of a new hire’s time at your company is largely tied to their overall success as an employee and productive salesperson. Successful onboarding leads to reduced turnover, increased ramp-up time, and less stress all around. New hires that are onboarded properly generally have higher success potential then their untrained counterparts.

Every company is unique, and there are likely additional areas in which your new hire will need to be trained that exceed this list. However, the core of your onboarding plan should incorporate the following 5 categories for a new sales hire.

If planned ahead of time and executed well, 90 days should be more than enough time to fully onboard your new hire and determine if they will make it or break it at your company. 

1. Their role

  • Job responsibilities and expectations 
  • Who they are reporting to
  • Who's on their team
  • Who they’ll be working with across the organization
  • The company culture
  • The leadership team
  • Introduction to the company and industry

2. Their accounts

  • Types of accounts your company sells to
  • Top accounts
  • Account definitions
  • Account planning
  • Account management best practices
  • Sales process
3. Who they are selling to
  • Target prospects
  • Approach strategies
  • Account blueprinting
  • Sales coverage model
  • Qualification strategy
  • Campaigns
4. What they are selling
  • Product definitions
  • Elevator pitches
  • Business pains
  • Business benefits
  • Bold claims
  • Value propositions
  • Objection handling
  • Executive presentation
  • Offers and discounts

5. The competition

  • Key competitors
  • Background and basics about them
  • Their product offerings
  • Their pricing model
  • Their sales and marketing strategies
  • Key differentiators between them and you
  • Landmines they can use against you and vice versa
  • How to position and win against them

Are you missing the materials needed to complete a comprehensive onboarding plan? Have you already onboarded a sales team but are they missing the mark? Do you find that your sales team is unable to articulate the value of your product to prospective buyers?

Our Paint-the-Picture sales playbooks contain customized sales tools that span the above onboarding topics, training materials including slides, quizzes, and scenarios, and an onsite training session led by one of our expert consultants. SRi clients report quicker ramp-up times and better-performing new hires as a result of incorporating our detailed playbooks into their onboarding plans. 

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