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    By Stephen Abrahms February 6, 2018

    Real Talk: The Latest Gadget Won't Fix Your Sales Team

    The first lesson I learned in my sales career is that no day is the same as the next. Some days you can’t find enough time to send off all your quote requests, while other days you work desperately to hear a human voice on the end of the line. Sales can be fickle. However, a constant dry spell is a clear indication the issue is systemic.

    The Problem With Digital Sales Tools

    Last week I attended AAISP’s Digital Sales World conference, where many sales leaders came seeking solutions to underperforming sales teams. Most of the speakers presented on the power behind the latest digital enablement tools. New CRM platforms, analytics tools, even artificial intelligence; we were assured these were the “quickest path to sales success.”

    Company sales leaders came to the conference seeking methods to improve their sales teams and were clearly overwhelmed. I listened over lunch as they explained that they didn’t know which digital tools they really needed and were afraid that even the right resource wouldn’t be implemented or adopted correctly by their team. It became apparent the problem wasn’t a lack of resources. Their organizations needed training and enablement.

    The Key to Your Sales Team's Success

    CSO Insights 2017 report states that organizations which implement training had a strong relationship to better quota attainment. The difference can be drastic – up to 33% improvement. It’s not only the reps that can benefit from training. Managers that have been trained to coach their reps see a 27.6% improvement in win rates. Despite this, less than a third of sales organizations have trained their managers to properly coach their reps.

    This is not a blog post condemning the use of innovative technology. Many of these tools can be incredibly powerful when implemented in the correct environment. The main lesson here is that if you’re not sure how to improve our sales team’s performance, you answer isn’t the latest sales technology. Complete an assessment or bring in an expert to identify the root of the problem and consider the proven success behind sales coaching and training.


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