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By Eric Morse January 6, 2016

Sales Success = Struggle: Are You Willing to Take the Pain?

We recently shared an inspiring article about how struggle defines success, and the importance that negative experiences play in getting what you want. The article also spoke the concept that sometimes what you think you want may not actually be what you actually want at all – sometimes we fall in love with a fantasy that we aren’t willing to work for, one that we like the idea of but not the reality of. This applies to all areas of our lives, from love to family to work to life goals – in this blog, we will apply it specifically to sales.

Real goals require real effort, and many of us conceive of effort as pain. Here are some examples (there are many, many more) of sales goals that will require you to go the extra mile. Ask yourself...

  • Do you want to become the number one seller in your organization?
    This might mean staying late to make extra calls instead of meeting your friends for happy hour. Maybe it means spending Sundays at the office getting organized for the week, instead of hanging out at home, so you can start Monday strong while the rest of your team ramps up.
  • Do you want to be considered for a coveted sales leadership position?
    This could mean taking a leadership training course on a weekend, or even harder work, taking weeknight classes after a long day. It could mean missing your favorite TV show or your routine workout in favor of dinner meetings and networking events.
  • Do you have a big fish prospect that keeps slipping out of your grasp?
    This may mean spending extra time focusing on them by building a relationship, perhaps by taking them to dinner or supporting their outreach programs. This will likely mean increasing your overall work hours so you can give this prospect the time they need while also maintaining your other sales efforts and keeping your existing customers happy.
  • Do you realize that your proposals or other sales tools are outdated?
    This means taking time away from your other tasks to analyze current processes/materials and develop new ones, unless you are willing to accept that your current tools are subpar and would prefer to use them as is with less-than-ideal results instead of making the extra effort.

It’s time to take a good hard look at your goals and determine if they are real or fantasy. If real, make an action list of what it will take to get there, and commit to it. If fantasy, spend your time dreaming about what it would be like to be a top seller or be the next VP of Sales, but don’t expect it to happen if you aren’t willing to work for it. To get to the next level in your sales career, you must accept pain and struggle and that all big positives come with a set of negatives.  

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