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By Eric Morse October 8, 2014

Proven Plans & Sales Playbooks to Win Against the 800-Pound Gorilla

800_pumd_gorillaAre you tired and fed up to losing against an 800-pound gorilla in your space. Do you have a plan?

So in our sales consulting firm's practice, we are continually engaged with clients who have an 800-pound gorilla or a dominant competitor in their space. How do you beat them. After successfully doing this for many years I thought it would be helpful to share some of our thoughts.  If it came down to own work on how you do this, it's all about discipline

When competing against these types of competitors, let's be real they have:

  • A lot of referenceable accounts
  • Success stories on their web site
  • They know how to WIN over and over again
  • They are the safe choice for prospects
  • They throw resources and $$ on key sales initiatives
  • Price is not an issue in a competitive deal 

Step 1: First you have to believe you can win and be committed to making it happen.

  • It takes a lot of work, people....
  • You need to stop the insanity of toying against them, as you will get the same result: LOSE

Step 2: You need to understand your competitor, the value they bring and why they win. You also need to look for weaknesses and opportunity to exploit.

  • Have you done a Go-to-Market assessment?
  • Have you done a deep dive of the Competition?
  • Have you talked to prospects and clients?
  • Have you gone against them, got your nose bloodied?
  • What have you learned, do you have a solution that can win?

Step 3: Here comes the Discipline. If you did Step 2, let's get down to the solution...

  • Do you have a Winning Sales Process?
    • Repeatable, scalable and tested 
  • Do you have a Sales Playbook?
    • Can you effecively Paint-the-Picture of your solution?
    • Value propositions, qualifications, objection handling, business pains/benefits, competition, prospect personas
  • Do you have account and close plans?
    • Where you are in the deal and how to get to the WIN
  • Do you conduct regular sales training and certification?
    • You can't believe by tourself. 
    • Can your team do this?
  • Do you have the rght sales people on your team?
    • Do they want to and believe they can WIN?
    • Are they committed to WIN?
    • Do they have the ability to offer value add?

Step 4: Keep learning, listening, refining and believing

  • They will start to make mistakes....
  • Your prospects will see a huge value add in your approach
  • You will WIN

Winning against an 800-pound gorilla is not a easy venture. It takes belief, commitment and proven techniques and tools to make it happen. BUT it does happen each and every day. See you in the Winner's Circle...

Topics: Sales Management, Sales Process, Sales Playbook, Sales Training


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