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    By Eric Morse February 10, 2016

    Sales Ops 101 for the New CEO

    As a CEO, your margin for error is slim-to-none; there is no room for guesswork. Every choice you make has a major impact on your entire organization, so your decisions must be sound and your initiatives strategic. In order to meet the high expectations that come with your executive title, you need to be backed by good, clean data and metrics provided to you by the Sales Operations Manager.

    What is Sales Operations?

    Sales Operations (Sales Ops) is the right-hand to the Sales VP and the analytical brain of your entire sales organization that allows it to run effectively and efficiently. Sales Ops is an internal department that manages the CRM system, gathers and analyzes data, and provides reports and insights to support you and your sales organization. They can also assist with many sales and marketing functions, such as proposal development and lead generation. Having a Sales Ops Manager by your side means better execution of sales plans, properly-mapped territories, and improved transparency of the sales funnel.

    Five Top Benefits of Sales Ops for the CEO:

    1. Time: Sales Ops will handle the responsibility of data analyzation and drawing conclusions so you can make good leadership decisions without spending time mining through metrics. 
    2. Strategy: Sales Ops will use data to forecast trends and recommend targeted campaigns and initiatives that align with your sales goals, and constantly analyze campaigns to determine effectiveness.
    3. SVP Support: Your Sales VP can work with Sales Ops to develop sales coverage models, territory plans, and sales compensation plans to guide, inspire and incentivize the sales team.
    4. Efficiency: Sales Ops can align your entire sales organization and all departments involved in sales (such as marketing, operations, etc.) to ensure consistent, non-duplicated efforts on all fronts.
    5. Confidence: With the right data in your hands, you can report to your board having self-assurance that you’re making the best executive decisions possible to guide the company to the success expected under your leadership.

    Sales Result knows how to streamline sales throughout an organization. If you’re struggling with sales planning, mapping territories, or analyzing your funnel, SRi can perform as your Sales Ops Manager as part of our Winning Sales Foundation™ solution

    Topics: Sales Strategy, Sales Operations / Enablement

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