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By Ryan Strandin March 30, 2015

Sales Messaging Strategy - Marketing

business-idea-534228_640What do train tracks, kitchen drawers, and sales messaging have in common? If they aren't aligned, they don’t work.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to align selling strategy with sales messaging. The three main was to win in a market are by being the dominant a price leader, intimacy leader, or feature leader. If you are unfamiliar with these market strategies, I recommend you first read our explanatory in The Right Sales Messaging. Once you have picked which category your company is best suited to compete in, every part of your strategy needs to match: Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Service; Everything. In this article we are going to discuss how this strategy needs to be applied to marketing efforts.

Price Selling Strategy

If you focus your sales messaging on price leadership, then you should not spend much time on fancy extra features, or hands-on exhibits. The most effective way to lead in a price, is by keeping costs as low as possible, to offer the best price for an acceptable product. Discount mattress stores chose to advertise by hiring someone for minimum wage to spin a sign to draw attention to their store. This saves money on overhead, keeping the in-store prices low. If a customer wants a mattress that astronauts use, has 6 cup holders, and 24/7 on-site mattress support, accept that they are out of a price-leader’s target market. If you choose to compete based on price, you need to let go of the notion that you should have the most features or the best customer intimacy. Your sales messaging and strategy will revolve around the price of your goods and deep-discount sales if you want to be successful with this price-based selling strategy.

Feature Leader Selling Strategy

When trying to convey feature leadership, it is important that their sales messaging shows their product as the coolest option with the best feature (not necessarily features!). What does Bose do? Great audio. Do they always have the slickest speaker boxes? No, they don’t need them! People buy Bose audio equipment because it has spectacular sound, and that feature is what is driving their purchase decision. Bose doesn't need to be the cheapest, they don’t need to provide the most intimate experience, they just have to consistently win on one important feature that people view as valuable: high-quality audio.

Intimacy Leader Selling Strategy

Intimacy leaders win when they can make the customer experience an exciting and pleasurable journey. Best Buy does this by having a large in-store staff available at all times to assist the consumer with their question at a moment’s notice. They provide in-home help via “Geek-Squad” to install, inspect, and repair the products they sell. If you buy the “Geek Squad” warranty, you can return anything you bought there, no questions asked. This is to ensure that everyone who buys from them is satisfied for the life of the entire life of the product.

There are a million different ways to advertise your business, which makes finding your perfect niche that much harder. Keep in mind which market you are competing in, what market you should be competing in, and remember that the most effective strategy for your business’ unique offering may be one you haven’t explored yet. An outside perspective is always helpful in these situations, because it provides a fresh perspective. Being on the inside of an organization can make it difficult to step back and get a clear view of the market. Hiring a sales consulting company to help align your sales strategy with marketing and advertising effort may be the boost you need this year.


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