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    By Liz Stone January 24, 2017

    Restaurant Results // Good Eats in West Texas

    Our team has collectively spent months in West Texas over the past year in a client's Odessa office. For those who are unfamiliar, Odessa lies just above the Permian Basin, which is a major production region for oil and natural gas in the U.S. The Permian is the second largest oil field in the world, with output totaling more than 2 million barrels per day. If you've read or watched Friday Night Lights, the book takes place here, and the show's town, called Dillon, is largely based on Odessa.

    With so much time spent in Odessa, it's inevitable that we'd find the best eateries in town. If you ever make it to this part of West Texas, here's what we recommend. 

    White House Meat Market

    A05C605E-5024-4DC6-911E-7030812DB424.jpgWhite House Meat Market claims to have the best burgers in Texas; while that may be a stretch, we're certain they have the best burgers in the Basin. Their burgers embody what burgers were meant to be: fresh, flavorful, and straightforward - you aren't going to find a frilly burger here. Their onion rings and fries are a nice side, and as they are a meat market, there's an impressive display of local meats for sale. 

    Cork & Pig Tavern

    Many a night we've spent at the Tavern, one of our favorite spots in town with its relaxing atmosphere and friendly service. As the name suggests, the Cork and Pig has an extensive wine list and a meaty menu, although they're best known for is their delicious brick oven pizza. There's something for everyone here, from the meat eater to the picky eater, and everything we've tried from salads to pizzas to steaks has been on point and served with a smile. 

    Mi Piaci

    "Hands down, best garlic bread I've ever had" says our Director of Client Services. Anyone who's been to Mi Piaci will agree, the garlic bread is delicious and comes in a Texas-sized portion. The same applies to their generous plates of pasta and enormous calzones. Don't let the restaurant's whole-in-the-wall exterior fool you, this family-owned and operated restaurant serves up incredible Italian food. 

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