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by Sales Result, Inc. April 27, 2020

5 Tips for Re-Energizing Your Sales Team

These are unique times we are living in and we are all adjusting to our current normal, both in our personal and professional lives.  Given the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our economy, it can lead many to feeling confused about how to move forward.  Some businesses will fail while others who take time to re-evaluate, create a strategy, and keep moving forward, will come out as or more successful than before.  But this relies heavily on the Team you have around you and if they are up to the challenge.  Taking a real look at your sales organization can be the dealbreaker of the success of your company.  Sometimes this requires drastic change.  But often it can simply require a review of what's working, what's not, and making some changes for the improvement of your reps.

Is complacency running rampant in your sales organization? Are your sales reps content with the status quo, perhaps they are forgetting things, making too many assumptions or missing opportunities? Are you seeing a shift from a “hunting” to a “farming” mentality on behalf of your reps, or have you hired “farmers” that you can’t seem to turn into “hunters”? Whether you have experienced salespeople who have lost their drive, or newer reps you’re struggling to motivate, here are five tips for re-energizing your team or certain individuals on it..

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by Sales Result, Inc. April 21, 2020

11 Ways to Enable Your Sales Team to Succeed


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by Sales Result, Inc. April 15, 2020

Is Your Sales Organization Thinking or Just Doing?

Why is it when we go in to so many organizations in our Sales Consulting practice do we notice one commonality? Sales organizations and salespeople are doing more and thinking less!

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by Sales Result, Inc. March 3, 2020

Ten Ways Sales Ops Can Help with a Funnel Review

We previously discussed funnel reviews and how this is an essential tool not only for the success of a salesperson, but for meaningful insight for sales leadership.  Here we take a step back and get down to the basics of what a funnel review provides and it's value within the entirety of the salesforce, including Sales Operations.. 

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by Ron Strandin February 19, 2020



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by Ron Strandin February 5, 2020

Taming the Sales Forecasting Challenge – Funnel Reviews for Executives

Being in sales requires being an optimist.  Regular rejection and the pressure of hitting your numbers means you have to believe in what you are doing.  Keeping your salespeople optimistic is a must and relying on their predictions of sales revenue requires some filtering.

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by Ron Strandin January 29, 2020

Sales as an Art...Sales as a Process

CEO:  Sales as an Art….Sales as a Process

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by Ron Strandin January 22, 2020

Marketing Coverage Strategy and Models

Finding new clients is essential to growing your business, so finding them must be a high priority.  Market coverage models outline the strategy for how sales people can sell to as many good prospects as possible. Most sales people do a poor job of maximizing their territories, so don’t leave it all up to them. Well done market coverage strategies and models help find, target, convert and report on the best, most profitable prospects. 

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by Mark Beckstrom January 21, 2020

Why Everyone Has a Stake in Lead Generation

Nobody told me I’d have to generate my own leads!

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by Ron Strandin January 17, 2020

If You Get One Thing Right, Make It Your Value Proposition

When you build a new product or service you’ll have to decide what value you’re going to bring to your customer, what problem you’ll solve, and what that should be worth. As you bring that product to market, you will create value propositions that define your position across product planning, marketing messaging, and sales messaging. This simple framework helps to keep the product and messaging aligned, clear, and on track.

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