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    By Liz Stone August 31, 2017

    6 Ways to Maximize Your 2017 Sales Plan in Q4

    Just like that, Q4 is nearly upon us! Hopefully you've spent the summer selling, or if things have been slow, completing sales-related projects and activities to prepare the sales team for a productive Fall. One task you should complete before summers-end is the review of your annual sales plan going into Q4.

    If you're on track going in Q4 - congratulations! There's still a lot of time between now and December 31; use it wisely, these tips will help you maximize it. If you aren't on track... we've all been there. Now's the time to buckle down, work harder than ever, and end the year on strong footing. These tips will help you bridge the gap between now and EOY.

    6 Tips to Get Closer to "The Number"

    1. Analyze the past year. Take a look at 2017 in review: where did your business come from, what deals closed quickly, and why did people purchase? The commonalities from your answers to these questions are the types of companies your should be targeting in Q4 with an approach, message, and value proposition tailored to them.
    2. Make a Q4 sales plan. You have an 2017 sales plan, but do you have a quarter-by-quarter plan? Month-by-month? If not, now’s the time to develop a very detailed quarterly/monthly plan and strategy to take you to the number by end-of-year.
    3. Review your top 20 opportunities and what stage you’re at in the sales process with each of them. For each one, create a detailed account plan and strategy, and begin executing immediately.
    4. Understand your customer’s Q4 buying process, which is likely different than it was at the beginning of the year. Purse strings have tightened with 75% of most budgets already spent, and little low-hanging fruit left. For a decision-maker to spend, they require a VERY compelling reason to prioritize your product into this year’s budget.
    5. Look into your sales funnel for a back-up plan. Review all the leads that came through the funnel in the past 9 months. You may have some gold nuggets hiding in your sales funnel that need to be rubbed off and reconsidered.
    6. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Now isn’t the time to launch brand new campaigns and collateral – it’s time to focus on selling. Do review what you already have, and spruce up existing content to get the sales team through Q4. 

    Time is of the essence this quarter, so make the most of it by first preparing a well-laid plan and strategy. If you need guidance, contact Sales Result for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your 2017 sales goals and how to reach them. Our speciality is uncovering "hidden revenue blockers" (obstacles getting in the way of the number), with most SRi clients seeing immediate results in as soon at 45 days. Happy Selling!

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