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By Ryan Strandin August 7, 2015

Intro to BANT


Every company with outbound sales has developed a method of blueprinting. They vary greatly in complexity, but at the most basic level can be simplified to a four letter acronym, BANT. The acronym BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Time. If a customer has these four things, they are considered a “qualified lead” and get entered into the sales process.

BANT - Budget

Many outbound reps have trouble determining if the lead has budget because they are afraid to ask, but it is one of the most important things to know. If the lead does not have enough money to buy your product, it does not matter how well you build value because they will never end up being a customer.

BANT - Authority

Make sure you are talking to the right person early on in the conversation. Do not spend time building value of your accounting software to a Marketing contact, or SEO software to an accountant. No matter how great of a sales person you are, they are the wrong person to spend your time with. Once you are talking to a decision maker, then you have Authority.

BANT – Need

Establishing need is vital to the qualification process, because if your good or service will not benefit them, stop wasting your time. Sometimes the lead already has a better fix, and other times they simply don’t have a use for your product. Spend your time with customers who you can help, not customers you can convince.

BANT – Time

Inaction is always easier than action, so determining time constraints of the lead are important. These can be caused by budget timing, regulations, or any number of external or internal pressures. Quickly figure out when they are most likely to buy and adjust your plan accordingly.

BANT Selling helps sales reps and marketers quickly determine not only if a lead is “qualified,” but it can give insight into the best approach strategy. Asking BANT oriented questions early in your process can keep you focused on the leads that are more likely to become customers. If you need help blueprinting, reach out to us today

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