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    By Stephen Abrahms May 4, 2018

    Increase Your Outbound Sales Success Using These Simple Steps

    When hiring or recruiting talented sales people, hiring managers generally tend to look for someone who’s outgoing, confident, and fearless. These people are great on the phone and in meeting. They ask educated questions and get the close—if they enter a meeting with a prospect, they leave one step closer to closing a client.

    However, even a sales person who embodies these personality traits, may struggle scaling his or her success. Why? Because they struggle compelling prospects to want to meet with them in the first place. If your sales rep(s) are struggling setting appointments, you’ll need to coach them on peaking interest enough to compel a response. The following three focus area are important to master to increase appointment rates.

    Who are you selling to?

    The essential first step in getting appointments is determining who your sales team should be talking to. Whether it’s a procurement agent, an IT employee, or a C-suite executive, each persona has different motivations and pain points that can generate interest in an appointment.

    This is why it is essential to create a profile for each person you are selling to. This could be the decision maker or an influencer; who ever plays a role in the sales cycle. Below are some key areas to define when creating your persona profile:

    • Typical background
    • Compensation range
    • Common challenges
    • Budget control
    • Role in purchasing decision
    • Personal/business goals

    The more detailed the persona profiles are, the more effective your approach will be. You can do this extensive research yourself or bring in an expert to complete these profiles for you.

    Where do you find these personas?

    Now that persona you are looking for is known, you need a list of people who fit this persona and you want an appointment with.

    It’s entirely possible that your sales team has access to a database of qualified leads, and in that case the process is very simple for them. Go ahead and skip to the next section about blueprinting the leads that you have.

    For those without this luxury, LinkedIn is your friend. Our experts recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator because it allows your team to easily filter by position title, company size, mutual connections etc. Once you create a list within LinkedIn of leads you can use tools such as Hunter to find their email and easily add the lead to your CRM.

    Why would they want to meet with you?

    Your sales people now have a list of people they want appointments with. Why would these leads take time out of their day to meet with a sales person? In order to get an appointment, they need to sell tailored value. The best process to gather information for a tailored approach is blueprinting.

    Blueprinting is a standardized process for gathering information that both qualifies a prospect and gives insight into selling unique value. The blueprint template should be customized for gathering information and determining how close they are to an ideal prospect. Is their company the right size? Is there an article about the company that reveals a need? Do the Glassdoor reviews consistently complain about a problem you can fix?

    A good blueprint should provide enough information categories to craft an approach which captures attentional, creates a need, establishes value, and gets the appointment. Understanding your company's value to different personas, building tailored and relevant outbound campaigns, and knowing the type of sales messaging should be standardized across all your sales playbooks. Learn more about how playbooks can help ramp up your sales reps faster and strengthen their all around sales skillsets.

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