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    By Chris Strandin March 14, 2022

    Paint-the-Picture®: How You Sell (Sales Process)

    Paint-the-Picture® How You Sell relates to your sales process, and the critical elements every sales organization should be looking at as they evaluate their sales process. In this blog, we do not cover mapping your sales process to your prospect's buying process, but you can find that in this post.

    • Do you have a well defined sales process?
    • Is it designed for your market and prospects?
    • Does your team follow it?
    • Is it mapped to your CRM?

    One of my pet-peeves is when sales leaders, when asked about thier sales process, tell me that My reps should know how to sell, they're sales people. Yes they are, which means they need the support of the whole organization to optimize their value; this includes the sales process. 

    Sales Result's Paint-the-Picture® program covers What You Sell, Who You Sell To, and How You Sell. Today we're addressing How You Sell, also known as the sales process. 

    A Well Defined Sales Process

    A well designed How You Sell sales process not only outlines the sales stages a lead or opportunity will progress through, but goes further to ensure:

    • The right stages exist
    • Clear entry and exit criteria for each stage
    • Goals and objectives for each stage
    • Tools and internal resources to use for each stage
    • More as needed based on many factors

    By defining these things within your sales process, it helps leaders have a clear view of the pipeline because all "Stage 3" deals, should mean the same thing. 

    Sales Process Designed for your Market and Prospects

    I've seen clients with anywhere from 4 to more than 20 sales process steps, and that may be ok based on the market, the prospect, number of internal resources involved, and other factors.

    For instance, an inside sales team selling a low-dollar solution will typically have far fewer sales stages than a multi-million dollar enterprise team with many internal and external resources involved.  

    Getting Your Team to Follow Your Sales Process

    Even if you have the best sales process possible for your team, if they don't follow it, it doesn't help anybody. Understanding how your team sells, within or outside of the sales process, is also important. How can you verify it?

    • Sales Stage Audit - review opportunity stages during 1:1s to ensure the opportunity meets the stage criteria
    • Training on the process and expectations
    • Let metrics work for you - reports that highlight skipped stages, stage duration, 
    • Make sure How You Sell flows well and maps with CRM...

    Mapping Your Sales Process to CRM

    I'm aware of the limitations of many CRM systems, but at the very least, they all have opportunity stages that should map to how you sell. In some systems you can set up check-boxes for opportunity stage entry and exit criteria, plug in descriptions in case something was missed during training, and make certain fields required before moving on to the next stage; think BANT before moving to a "contracting" stage. 


    If you're not confident that your sales processes checks all of these boxes, or your not happy with your results, contact us for a free consultation to talk through it. Our team works with you to identify the good, the bad, and the ugly, then can partner with you to find a solution to maximize How You Sell. 

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