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    By Eric Morse July 27, 2016

    How Great Leaders Go “Beyond Business as Usual”

    Great leaders aren’t easily forgotten. When asked “Who inspires you?” or “Who made a difference in your career?” many of us fondly remember a manager or colleague that supported us, trusted us, and pushed us to reach our full potential.

    There are several traits shared by most great leaders. They’re the hardest workers you know but they wear it well. They’re empathetic and truly care about the people around them. They’re present; not found hiding behind electronic screens and office doors. They’re brilliantnot always book-smart but always cleverand they are passionate about driving success and continually improving. Great leaders don’t settle for status quo. They want nothing less than beyond business as usual.

     So, as a sales leader, what does “Going beyond business as usual” mean? 

    • Understanding your status quo and constantly trying to beat it
    • Being a coach and a mentor to your employees—the manager that nobody wants to let down due to respect and trust
    • Aligning your goals with your company’s mission and having a structured plan and strategy to achieve them
    • Deeply understanding your marketplace, what it means to be a leader in that space, and staying up-to-date on current events and trends
    • Being proactive versus reactive—ready for the different situations that will come your way so you can handle them as quickly, effectively and gracefully as possible
    • Ensuring you have a defined process and playbook that are intertwined together, understood, and executed by your sales team
    • Passionately caring about what you do and spreading this infectious energy to your team to keep them motivated and excited
    • Always learning and keeping an open mind to new techniques, technologies, and methodologies that will allow you continuously improve yourself, team and organization

    Whether you're a new sales manager or an experienced leader, you may be missing opportunities to improve your leadership skills and better steer your sales organization. Contact us for a 30-minute consultation to learn more about our sales management consulting and leadership coaching solutions.  

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