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By Erin Riley May 12, 2016

Get Ahead by Taking the First Step

Last week on the SRi blog, we discussed Goal Setting and Planning. We presented the idea of evaluating how you currently spend your days and weeks, then setting aside time each week in order to properly plan them.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

Goal Setting and Planning is important, but did you find yourself thinking: ‘This is a great idea, but I am unsure how to begin?’ You're not alone. The first step on any major undertaking can seem daunting, or leave you temporarily frozen and unsure how to proceed. In order to get ahead and be successful you need to make the jump, and take that first step. 

Once you understand that you have a problem, your first step has begun. While it's not always easy to admit that there is something wrong, by doing so you now have the power to fix these problems. The problems you are facing are not unique; many companies have issues; it's the successful ones that identify and then fix them.

Listed below are a few of the common issues, but by no means a comprehensive list, that we often see during our deep-dive discovery sessions with new clients:

  • A sales culture that is unwilling to change or adapt with the changes in their industry;
  • Lack of consistent management throughout the sales organization;
  • Not enough ‘A players’, and too many ‘D players’ bringing down the sales team;
  • A reactive versus proactive mindset, and complacency among the sales team;
  • Lack of accountability and transparency in the sales organization; and
  • The skillset of sales team does not match the current needs of the industry and target audience.

Whether your business is currently has plateaued, is unable to reach its potential, or your sales organization is struggling to align with corporate objectives, it is critical to develop a thorough plan with a top-down approach, and the first step is identifying the problem(s). SRi does this by painting a full picture of your sales organization, and then digging deeper to extract all core issues and determining short-and-long-term fixes.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem. If you're ready to get ahead, schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with SRi. We'll assess your current situation and address how to fix it with our customized sales consulting solutions.

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