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By Eric Morse April 30, 2013

Winning Sales Process: Key Activity vs. Activity

A clearly defined sales process is essential in today’s selling environment for closing sales and ensuring that your company achieves its sales strategy at maximum profitability. Sales processes should not only outline what to do at each step but also describe the goals that should be achieved, including key activities or sales milestones.

email-marketing-salesA key activity is an activity that simply defined, moves the sale or opportunity forward. A good sales process should detail precisely what these key activities or milestones are and how many of them should be completed within a specified time period. Key activity metrics should also be implemented and reviewed regularly with each sales person.

A sales playbook can be useful for keeping track of what works and what does not work with regards to effective strategies or sales tools to accomplish key activities. A great example of a playbook is it will allow you to learn from previous successes and failures in this area and perhaps focus on sweet spots for your organization.

Key Activity vs Activity:

The greatest example we see over and over in our sales consulting firms practice is that sales managers or VP of Sales focus on cold calls, emails, etc which are activities, verses what we would consider “Good Conversations” which are key activities. By focusing on the number of good conversations you can better determine the quality of the call and the sales rep performance, new opportunities created and most important moving the opportunities down the sales pipeline to close. The more selling time you have with prospects in good conversations the more you typically sell.

Clearly defining, providing training and bringing focus on key activity metrics from activities is one step that will quickly fill your sales funnel and make it more accurate to forecast from the standpoint of the VP of Sales..

Stick to the Plan

Even when they do have a sales process in place, sales teams are sometimes prone to making errors that can cost them dearly. One such error is skipping key activities or milestones, which can result in loss of deals or focus on the wrong types of deals for your company.

In addition to developing a sales process, with clearly defined Key Activities, attention also needs to be paid to ensuring that a sales team conforms to it. The most successful companies are those that have well-defined sales processes in place and consistently follow and inspect the sales funnel and opportunities from start to finish.

Get Help Implementing a Sales Process

By sticking to an effective sales process, you can avoid running into difficulties and ensure that the best practices for sales success are followed. A winning sales process should contain a plan for key activities that can be rigidly adhered to and that provides precise instructions geared towards increasing sales. Are you looking for sales process consultants that can help you to put such a plan in place? If so, why not get in touch with us? We are a leading Sales Consulting Firm that has implemented numerous successful Winning Sales Processes.

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