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    By Eric Morse January 4, 2012

    Why Top Sales Teams Need Sales Playbooks

    Football PlaybookYou wouldn't send a football team into a game without a defined play, would you? How about a basketball team? The same standard exists for sales. If you have a leading sales team, skilled in hunting down leads, tracking them, closing deals, and maintaining client satisfaction, you probably know the importance of using a streamlined process and a consistent message for internal and external purposes. Without a step-by-step process and clearly-defined value propositions/messaging, your team (no matter how skilled) will likely falter, missing crucial steps in the sale and ultimately losing deals that could easily be won if handled correctly.

     At SRi, we believe in the power of a Perfect Sales Playbook. We define a sales playbook as an in-depth manual outlining each stage of the sale, and all aspects of WHAT you sell, WHO you sell to, and HOW you sell 

    When combined with a strong sales process, your team can use these deliverables to effectively close more sales. We suggest mapping your sales process and sales playbook to your CRM system of choice to easily track where each sales person is in their sales and accounts. This gives peace of mind to upper management, and also allows all members of the sales team to be on the same page with their counterparts.

    In addition to being a valuable selling resource, a sales playbook also helps management weed out top sellers from underdogs who aren't pulling their weight. Here's how: Once trained on a playbook, each member of your team should be able to articulate your value proposition and business benefits through call scripts, elevator pitches, executive presentations, and more. Those who can't do this, or those who don't feel the need to use the sales playbook, are likely the team members that are keeping you from greater success and revenue.

    Just like any other team, your sales force needs a sales playbook to understand the game, define best strategies, and develop tactics for greater success. Start outlining the best plays for your team, and let the winning begin!

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