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    By Chris Strandin March 14, 2022

    Paint the Picture®: Who You Sell To

    In order to sell a product, you need to understand the people that it is aimed at. Knowing who they are and what makes them tick can help you to target your sales pitch at them.

    You should know what types of people are likely to buy your product or solution, what motivation they might have for buying it and why your product is important to them.

    The more information you possess about your customers, the more you will be able to map your sales process to their buying processes.

    Who You Sell To: Knowing your Customers

    How do you go about gaining a clearer image of the types of people that are likely to be interested in your product and understanding their thought processes?

    One method for doing this is to make use of Sales Result Inc.’s Paint-the-Picture® program, and building out your own sales playbook tailored to your customers and what matters most to them.

    It can help you with lead qualification, which refers to marketing activities that are focused on assessing the willingness, ability and readiness of leads and prospects to make a purchase.

    SRi's Paint the Picture®  program can also aid by building out detailed descriptions of potential customers and developing a key contact overview.

    Let me ask: Do you have good training today that outlines your key customers, what matters most to them, how to approach and engage with them, or what to avoid talking about? Just food for thought. 

    Responding to Objections

    Another area in which Paint-the-Picture® can help is objection handling. In order to adequately alleviate a customer’s objection, it is essential to understand how it fits in with their buyer motivation.

    The more your salespeople are able to get inside the minds of their customers, the better they will be at selling the product or solution to them, and it will be a much more enjoyable buying experience on the customer's side. Just because prospects like you, doesn't mean they will buy from you; they will just take your calls to chat and buy from somebody that understands their needs. 

    Tailoring your Sales Process

    In the world of sales, failing to tailor your sales process to your customers means missing out on opportunities to increase your profits. Do you engage enterprise accounts and smaller accounts the same way? If you do, we should talk...

    It is impossible to customize your sales approach if you are clueless about who you are selling to.

    Struggling to accurately paint a picture of your customers?

    Contact Sales Result Inc. and see what we can do for you and your customers to have a better and more successful interaction. 

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