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    By Chris Strandin March 14, 2022

    Paint the Picture®: What You Sell

    Do your sales reps know what you sell? Like, REALLY know what you sell?

    Even more importantly, do your prospects understand what you sell within 30 seconds of the rep beginning to explain it?

    These may seem like incredibly basic questions, but more often than you would believe, salespeople are not able to effectively explain such a basic component of their role of a seller. 

    In order to effectively sell a product or solution, it is essential to possess the ability to accurately and concisely describe what you sell and why prospects should buy it.

    Your sales team should be able to quickly summarize what your product is and why it benefits the prospect in a way that matters to your prospect. 

    For most products and solutions, your sellers should be able to cover the "what it does" in a compelling way in under 30 seconds, and entice the prospect to ask followup questions. If you ramble, your win rate is going to drop.

    What You Sell: Gaining a Clearer Picture

    The Paint-the-Picture® program can help you to identify the advantages that are associated with your product and assess how it measures up against competitors’ offerings. The program works with your team to build a sales playbook tailored to your your products and how they should be messaged and talked about by your sales team. Is your training effective in painting the picture today?

    If your sales team can't paint a picture in your prospect's head quickly about what it is you sell and why a customer should buy it, it's time to evaluate why, and what you can do to enable them to get there. 

    Fairly often, we hear sales reps talking to customers and paint wildly different pictures about the same product to a similar prospect. I see this in software when somebody is selling it as a service, another is selling individual features, someone else is rambling about the competitor... you get the point. 

    It's usually not the rep's fault that they are selling the same product so differently, they likely had a little success with one style and kept it, doesn't really understand what the prospect wants, or heard a very different product description from an engineer or someone in marketing. 

    Sales Result's Paint the Picture® program unifies messaging, trains sales people, and provides sales tools that will vastly help your team articulate the value of your product. Our playbook trains on the prospect's pains and benefits, effective email and voice scripts, unifying your messaging, develop your value propositions and perfect your executive presentation.

    Are you worried that your sales team is not able to accurately paint a picture of what you are selling?

    Sales Result can help!

    Give us a call today on 1-877-427-2490 for a free half-hour consultation, or fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon. 

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