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    By Eric Morse December 7, 2011

    The Missing Piece of Sales Training

    Missing pieceRemember that one (or more!) sales rep who underwent sales training during their initial onboarding, and still can't pull off a solid sales call or sales presentation?

    Every organization has dealt with this scenario before, and it's incredibly frustrating to waste valuable money, time, and manpower retraining someone who should be able to stand on their own and sell effectively. Many companies deal with this problem because although they train their sales rep, they are missing one important thing.

    Yes, training is essential to the success of any sales team. It allows for a consistent message to be echoed to all prospects and clients, and ensures that all members of your sales team are on the same page. However, there is one missing piece that trainers often overlook when training a sales team, and that is certification.

    Certification is the testing of your sales team on all sales messaging components and sales tools. Once completed, all parts of the training are evaluated, and a final grade is given to each sales rep.

     At SRi, we take a Train-the-Trainer mentality, and believe that in order to best train your sales team, the trainers need to be trained and certified, too. This way, once SRi leaves your organization, the trainer will be able to duplicate our training process and know how to best use all of the training matierials. This best practice will ensure that all new hires will be on the same page from here on out.

     Below are examples of several types of certification we like to use with clients:

    • Face-to-face sample calls and meetings that mimic a real-life sales call a rep might go on
    • Extensive quizzes on company terminology and messaging
    • Executive presentations given by the sales rep to an audience of trainers
    • Filling out sales tools with the appropriate information based on a sample scenario
    The purpose of these exercises are two-fold:
    1. They weed out the exceptional sales reps from the underachievers in a way that basic training cannot do
    2. They guarantee that your sales team is well-versed on their company value, selling statements, sales tools, etc.
    Of course, this type of training can be overwhelming and nerve-racking for the sales reps. Make sure to maintain a positive atmosphere by keeping things fun and lively, and providing the occasional prize to the sales reps that are excelling during training.

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