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By Eric Morse January 28, 2014

Screw Being an “A” Player, I Want To Be #1

downloadSo on this Superbowl week, Go Hawks, my attention is to the many questions I am asked. Let’s take an appropriate one for this week. So Eric what does it take for me to be number 1 in my company? Or “Screw being a “A” Player, I want to be #1”.

So first of all the fact you are thinking that means you are on the road. Congratulations.

Is it bad to want to be number 1, HECK NO.?

So the blogs talk a lot about A players, B players and C and D. It’s interesting how we categorize people. But what about the man/woman who wants to be number 1.

So here are some of the traits and lessons I have learned, practiced and watched from those number 1 players.

1. First you have to really want it. You need to visualize it, think it, and see yourself on the podium, the email announcing you are number 1. Why do not more people want this? Is it ok to be an A player? Remember few A players are ever remembered but a lot of #1 are.

2. Do you have a plan you live and breathe by? Is one of the goals to be number one? Do you live it, practice it?

  • Each plan should have clear goals
  • Each goal need to have a strategy
  • Each strategy need to have Tactics,
  • Following a repeatable, scaleable Winning Sales Process is critical
  • Metrics: This always separates the winners and the number 2.

3. Do you know your accounts/territory and do you have a plan. Here is where I am going to take exception with the nay Sayers. Yes Quota and territory mean a lot BUT does that mean you cannot be NUMBER 1. NO, NO and NO. You can be #1 when you do not have the best territory or quota.

  • Plan your territory-Territory plan
  • Plan your accounts- Account plans
  • Plan your selling time
  • Most sales reps don’t do a great job here so if you really do this, you put yourself ahead of most sales people already. The pack just got smaller.

4. How well do you know your prospect? A lot of your focus is understanding your prospect

  • The language he/she talks
  • The buying behaviors
  • The clear outcomes
  • The pain points
  • Different levels in the prospect. One contact means a gamble, multiple contacts mean a lot. Where he or she fits in the organization.
  • His or Her PRIORITIES. You may have an amazing value and business case but if it’s not in there top priorities it’s not going to happen.

5. Passion for your industry, solution and value proposition

  • Learn it, Love it and Live it
  • Practice it
  • Yes people passion still comes across
  • You cannot add value until you believe
6. You need to consistently add VALUE to your prospect.
  • Value is huge to the buyer
  • Think about your conversations. Make the best use. Use storytelling and personalization techniques when conveying a message.
  • Matching business pains to solutions has made people number 1 over and over again.
  • Don’t be boring,
  • Be a subject expert in the prospects eyes.
  • Don’t put your prospect on a pedestal
  • Be respectful of TIME

7. Know where you stand at all times

  • Success Metrics
  • Sales Funnel
  • Top opportunities
  • Back up plans
  • Close plans

8. Team player. The belief that most hunters or people that achieve number one are lone wolves is not true. Let’s face facts its 2014, you need help, you want people to support you, you want people to share in your success and most important is NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. If you do not believe that well, my guess is that you will not ever be number 1 or if you make it will be very lonely.

9. Keep your head down. Keep focused, ignore the noise, ignore the nay Sayers, and ignore the negativity and people that draw you down. My statement is this, letting someone or something come in the way of your success is being a fool. Also please re read number 8.

10. Leverage the technology today. Why are salespeople not adopting the technology? I have already said you need to do more than everyone else. Let’s maximize your time

  • LinkedIn: provides a great place to learn, engage and be viewed as an expert by your prospect.
  • CRM like provides the tools, dashboards and reports you need to know where you stand at all times.
  • and other like products help you go deep in an account. Do leave it to one contact.
  • Hubspot, great marketing tool and great learning and blogging tools.
  • Yes write an occasional blog- Go for it. You will see the difference. Why are all the bloggers, blogging? More $$$$.

11. Read join, participate and learn from the associations and key blog pages. There are some of the great ones out there and a few of my favorites. Never stop learning about your craft, SALES.

12. Finally, Always BELIEVE. You cannot achieve it, if you do not believe it.

It takes commitment and a lot of hard work but it can be done. 

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