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By Eric Morse January 30, 2012

Inspiring Passion in Your Sales Team

A sales team that is uninspired and passionless will never perform as well as passionate leaders hope they will. Getting from one side to the other can be frustrating – figuring out ways to spread your enthusiasm to your sales department is not always a simple task.

You know that the inspiration comes from above, you just don’t know how to get it to trickle down. Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box solution to this problem. Every sales team is different. An in-house analysis of sales and management activity is the best way to find out where communication and inspiration break down.

Organization and Priorities

When management priorities differ from those of the sales team, the path to passionate sales diverges. Both groups need to work in harmony for energy to truly pass between them. By reorganizing and shifting priorities, sales members will feel more effective in making change within your business. This democratizing may seem simple, but giving people a glimpse of the power they have to change things will manifest itself in discoveries of personal power elsewhere – even in the ability to close more sales, find more leads, and so forth.

Improving Structure

Improving the structure of your sales system, from the opportunity development to account management, can help you place sales team members in areas they will shine in. It may be that everyone has a passion for sales negotiation and account signing – don’t ignore their desires. In some cases, individuals are best served by consistent responsibilities. In other situations, it might be of benefit to everyone to have a sort of rotating schedule. So long as each sales member knows the duties involved, this will help some people avoid burning out on a single position. Giving your sales team something to look forward to at all times will improve the work they do.

Let Them Feel Envied

Your sales team needs to know when they excel. As your competitors flounder, don’t hesitate to point out your own success. If you can look to your team and tell them, blankly, that they’re the reason the company is outperforming all others, it will cause a surge of pride. This pride contributes to a company culture that is centered on positive feedback looping. The more the company succeeds, the more pride the team will have it, thus performing even better. If your sales team is leading the market in your industry, they should know it. Even if they know it based on numbers, having some acknowledgement never hurt anyone.

If you have any questions about how to best inspire your sales team, you should contact us. We can help you rearrange your sales team and establish a company culture with strong leadership and proud employees. If you aren’t meeting the numbers you want, this can be a huge step in the right direction. Combined with sales team training and certification, you’ll be on a collision course with success.

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