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By Eric Morse June 29, 2012

Out-Sourced Lead Generation

Sales growthThere is a growing trend to compliment field sales with out-sourced lead generation services. Leading companies are seeing significant growth of their sales pipeline and ultimately sales revenues by engaging third-party lead generation services. The traditional use of these call centers is being extended to fully integrate with the operational aspects of the core sales team as never before.

The ability for companies to leverage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and share their prospect database has been a contributing factor to this trend. To this extent, out-sourced lead generation becomes much more strategic to the success of the sales lifeblood of a company.

Common Reasons to Out-Source Lead Generation

The most common need is a desire to quickly expand your sales pipeline with new qualified opportunities. This can be due to a new product or version introduction, or even the launching of a new company. In either case the ability to quickly scale human resources up or down can be a critical factor, given the time and expense to hire permanent inside sales personnel. Many seasoned and experienced field sales representatives are not as productive on the telephone and out-sourced lead generation can allow them to focus on field sales activities. Lead generation takes a unique individual and the out-sourced provider can develop a pool of productive callers over time. Working with different clients, the out-sourced provider can develop and refine best practices and synergy across clients.

Enhanced Strategic Flexibility Common Reason to Out-Source Lead Generation

The utilization of out-sourced lead generation can be focused on a particular campaign or product line. A program can be developed for the long term or focused on a few months of effort. When used properly, out-sourced lead generation can become a critical component of your sales team, providing much greater flexibility and responsiveness to new initiatives and sales targets. The out-sourced agent can fully integrate with your CRM system and can interact with your field sales representatives. With seamless integration the end prospect perceives the out-sourced agent as your internal sales representative. Extending this even further, companies may utilize a central call center or call agents working from a home based virtual office.

Value Added Services

Out-sourced lead generation can evolve into a major component of your overall sales operation. The provider can fully integrate with your sales meetings and pipeline reviews; or perhaps play a role in support of channel partners. Activities such webinars, conference follow-up and email campaigns can be transferred to the out-sourced provider. This frees up highly skilled senior sales representatives to focus on larger deals and not get consumed with routine prospecting and promotions.

Over the years out-sourcing technical support or customer service was common. To some extent these services, today, can be out-sourced globally; however out-sourced lead generation is such an important function that it necessitates closer integration with the sales team. The trend has been for U.S. based companies to utilize U.S. out-sourced lead generation; which is a good thing for both the company and the labor force.

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